Showcasing attributes of water through traditional Indian art forms

 Showcasing attributes of water through traditional Indian art forms

Warli artwork by Sarita Vanjara

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A show of five different traditional art forms of India will be on display at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi next month. Titled Pravaah-A Journey, the show has works by nine artists in different genres like Madhubani, Warli, Phad Pattachitra and Sanjhi on the theme of water. The show is been organised by Art Tree, an organisation that works towards preserving and promoting the legacy of traditional Indian art and crafts the origins of which can be traced to prehistoric settlements in the 3rd millennium BCE.

Art Tree Art Tree
Jagannath by Tanmay Mohapatra and Madhubani painting by Manisha Jha

The participating artists are: Manisha Jha and Manoj Choudhary in Madhubani; Purna Chandra Moharana and Tanmay Mahapatra in Pattachitra; Prakash Joshi in Phad; Mohan Verma and Ashutosh Verma in Sanjhi; and Anil Wangad and Sarita Vanjara in Warli.

“One of the most vitalizing and life-preserving sources of life, water is the most precious natural resource and supports all human, plant and animal life. Manifesting itself in various forms, water from the seas and rivers remains a recurring theme in Indian mythological art and culture.,” says Art Tree Founder Pragatii Agarwal, adding that the exhibition is an endeavour to bring forth the various attributes of water that the eclectic mix of artists will be bringing out in their works.

Art Tree Art Tree
Traditional jewellery box and Wall Plate will also be showcased

“Water symbolises purity and cleansing; and this is more apparent in historical, ancient and renaissance pieces of art. The depiction of water is universal in almost every form of art worldwide. In both literature and art, water is considered the universal symbol for change – it is forever flowing, and can take any course. Pravaah too will emphasize and underline the dynamic energy that water signifies and epitomizes” she adds.

From August 17-21


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