Art galleries, museums to reopen November 10

 Art galleries, museums to reopen November 10

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Closed since March 17, museums, art galleries and exhibitions under the Ministry of Culture will reopen November 10, 2020 with introduction of preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19, based on the Unlock 5.0 guidelines. A list of detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been issued for the same.

As per convenience and in tune with relevant state, city or local laws, rules and regulations/ Unlock guidelines in force, other similar institutions can be reopened too.



These guidelines contain SOPs to be followed by the management of museums, art galleries and exhibitions (both temporary and permanent), as well as the visitors to these spaces, the Ministry stated. “Comprehensive guidelines have been issued for adequate cleaning, purchase of tickets and for ensuring safety of visitors and staff at museums, exhibitions and art galleries.”

The ministry has clarified that no museums and/ or art galleries shall reopen inside containment zones, and state/UT governments may consider proposing additional measures as per their field assessment.


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