Artist Anvi Singla’s maiden solo show is dedicated to Mother Nature

 Artist Anvi Singla’s maiden solo show is dedicated to Mother Nature

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All of 14, Anvi Singla is having a solo show of her abstract art works from tomorrow. The show titled You Will Find Me, is being presented by Gallery Sree Arts, and is curated by Jitendra Padam Jain.

In her maiden exhibition, Singla showcases the relation between human beings and nature, as also her love for Nature, mainly through the use of rich dark colours – golden being very prominent. “I use light pastels also for depicting Nature but I love rich dark colours,” smiles the student of The Heritage School, Gurugram.

Anvi Singla solo show Anvi Singla solo show

On display are 50 paintings that Singla has created in the recent past. “I got interested in art thanks to my mom, herself a good artists though she never pursued it professionally. Encouraged by her, I started painting at 10, but then could never leave it,” says Singla, who wants to take up art professionally. The seriousness can be gauged from the fact that she is already pursuing her Senior Diploma in Painting from JJ Sanskriti School of Visual Arts, Gurugram.

Mother Nature has inspired scores of artists since ages stirring the feelings of wonder and awe. Across cultures and countries and over time, artists have depicted Nature in various ways with the belief that it is connected to earthly life as well as celestial powers. But coming from a youngster, just into her teens the works sure look remarkable.

Anvi Singla solo show Anvi Singla solo show

While most other artists show Nature in the form of mountains, trees and grasslands, Singla’s artworks are abstract depictions of Nature – fluid lines in vibrant colours that seize the play of light and shadows is how she showcases Nature, Anvi uses gold, traditionally laden with spiritual significance, to enhance the luminosity of the bright hues and show her reverence. Her paintings show her reflection of the world around her, her exploration of beauty, and her joy in the elegance of Nature. Her conceptualisations convey depth and perspective and portray philosophical thoughts and mystical wisdom. “I think, I can show my creativity through abstract work rather than realistic painting of Nature,” she says.

Anvi Singla solo show Anvi Singla solo show

Another interesting thing is Singla has used handmade paper made from the ashes of parali (the lower part of the paddy crop which is not used) for making these paintings. What is remarkable is that the paper is made by her 17-year-old brother, Arnav Singla. “He gets the parali from farms in Gurugram and then makes this paper for me,” says Anvi. Her favourite medium is acrylic as it is easy to handle and dry.

Anvi’s brother Arnav who makes paper using ashes of parali which she uses for creating art.

The show is on view from July 1 –  3, 11am to 7pm, at
Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Française de Delhi, Indo French Cultural Centre,
72, K.K. Birla Lane, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi. 


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