Another way is always possible

 Another way is always possible

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Indian classical music deems swar as that independent note or sound which, when laid in a democratic lattice, forms rhythm or melody where each swar gets its own due. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of swaraj was that of a land of equal opportunities. He believed in the true growth of individuals if they are given suitable chances in a fertile and free environment, sensitive to the rhythm of being.

Santati is a sequence that does not break, an infinite loop, a continuum. Through his seamless, sleepless journey from Gandhi to Mahatma, this visionary radiated, imbibed and left behind messages in mindful living, messages bare in their truth, messages that move in the concentric rings of time, holding within them the power to overturn the world.

Swar Santati is a stage that does not discriminate, preach or idolise. The works and the minds involved in Swar Santati strive to reiterate the very core of Gandhi’s message – that another way is possible.

As a befitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi – The life, The legend, The legacy, the city witnessed the opening of Swar Santati, an endeavour in the form of an exhibition to offer a platform to voices in art, culture and literature, irrespective of their origin or medium.

The exhibition has been organised at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) in collaboration with Lavina Baldota (Baldota Foundation) and Swar, a stage where all participating artists are given their own opportunity, their own voice, and their swar. Participating artists come from disciplines of visual and performing arts, design and literature.

Swar Santati, personally for me, has become a limitless canvas of introspection and self-discovery woven by yarns of ethos derived from Gandhian influence rendered with the hues of my most intrinsic emotions, especially love and pride for my roots, my country, its leaders, artists, artisans, its aesthetics and its rich heritage,” said Lavina Baldota, custodian of Baldota Foundation and founder of Swar Santati.

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