Ami Ashbo Firey, you just wait

 Ami Ashbo Firey, you just wait

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Music has no language. I had always heard that, but somehow never quite believed it. Why? Because I always felt it has to be understood to be appreciated. Unlike many others, I never watched any regional language films or heard any vernacular songs, other than Punjabi. I had this strong belief that I won’t understand it.

I love watching good movies and my friends always recommended Bengali movies to me, but I never watched any movie if it didn’t have subtitles. So when this song Ami Ashbo Firey from the musical Ami Ashbo Firey came to me, I was doubtful if I could understand it. Since I had to review the song, I had to listen to it. Professional requirement you see.

I downloaded the song, and began hearing it. To my amazement, it felt soothing to the core. Through the music I understood it is a love song. Repeatedly hearing it also made me understand the lyrics. The lover is telling his beloved to wait for him. He is telling him no matter what catastrophe occurs, he will return to her, and that she must wait for him from the balcony like always. The voice betrays the typical longing of a lover, pleading his beloved.

The song has an old world charm about it that fills heart with love and calms the mind. It sure will top the charts sooner than later. And it re-asserts the central theme of the movie that love can surpass all differences, violence and intolerance. We must give love a chance…

Mind you, I just said I don’t know the language Bengali.


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