This market is no-plastic zone

 This market is no-plastic zone

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A small beginning was made on this World Environment Day in Noida. Thanks to the efforts made by young children, the sector 55-56 weekend market in Noida, Uttar Pradesh has been finally rid of the menace of plastic. The market has finally become a no-plastic zone and no poly bags, plastic cups, plastic dishes can be seen in the area.

The challenge of making the market a no-plastic zone was undertaken by a local NGO Eternal Energy some months back. The NGO worked with children from the under-privileged sections of the society living in Khoda Colony to create awareness about the harmful effects of using plastic. They went door to door, held meetings with the women in the area and were able to drive home the point.

The enthusiastic young student volunteers of Khoda has now decided to keep a watch on anyone using plastic of any kind, and also monitor cleanliness in the market area.

Children who worked hard to educate shopkeepers and residents about the harms ploybags’ cause to environment.

The NGO also distributed hundreds of cloth bags as a safer alternative to poly bags and ceramic cups as an alternative to plastic cups.

“Though banned by the Supreme Court the polybags are being freely used in all the markets causing a lot of environmental hazards. After several months of campaign with the hawkers, the poly bags are now totally removed from this market,” says Jayanthi R Iyenger from Eternal Energy, Noida.


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