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Step in to save environment now

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha Another World Environment Day just passed. As has always happened, this time too, many organisations held programmes to espouse the cause of environment. Paintings competitions, lectures, tree plantations and cloth bag distribution happened in these events. But I cannot help but question the utility of it all. Not just the need of […]Read More

This market is no-plastic zone

Team L&M A small beginning was made on this World Environment Day in Noida. Thanks to the efforts made by young children, the sector 55-56 weekend market in Noida, Uttar Pradesh has been finally rid of the menace of plastic. The market has finally become a no-plastic zone and no poly bags, plastic cups, plastic […]Read More

Time to purify indoor air

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha This World Environment Day, be very, very worried about the indoor air pollution. You are very concerned about the air quality on the roads, in the factories and other public areas. You roll up the windows of your car when you near a traffic intersections or if you are in an auto […]Read More

Please do your bit for our environment

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha Till the time each one of us gets worried about deteriorating environment and starts working towards its preservation, nothing much can be achieved, no matter how many times we observe the World Environment Day. The deteriorating environment does not bode well for anyone. Recent studies have found out that the environmental pollution is […]Read More