When Salman and Arbaz feared facing their family

 When Salman and Arbaz feared facing their family

In the upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s The Kapil Sharma Show, superstar Salman Khan will be present with Katrina Kaif to promote their upcoming movie, Bharat. During the shoot, both the actors revealed some unknown facts about the lives and careers which kept the audiences engaged throughout.
During the show, Salman happened to narrate a very funny incident from his childhood which signified the word ‘trouble’ all over. One day, all the three brothers were watching the movie Tarzan while playing a game that involved stones. Salman got so involved in the game that the stone hit Sohail badly. Not meaning to do it intentionally, Salman at that time was scared as he could not imagine how his father will deal with the situation if he saw what happened.

Continuing the endless gossips further in the show, Salman and Katrina will be seen playing a quiz with Kapil Sharma where the standup comedian will try to find out how well does Katrina know Salman.

Watch The Kapil Sharma Show Saturday-Sunday, 9:30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television


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