TOP 5 Captivating visual storytelling trends

 TOP 5 Captivating visual storytelling trends

Tanmay Shah

Visual storytelling is always changing, continually expanding and diversifying how it uses and applies the medium. Particularly, millennials face a substantial learning curve as they strive not only to adapt but also to anticipate what may prove effective in the future of visual storytelling. There are five prominent visual storytelling trends that I foresee being instrumental in aiding millennials to disseminate their narratives to a broader audience.

Creating a Cinematic Experience
Catering to an expansive audience with a limited attention span poses a challenge for content creators. The integration of cinematic shooting and post-production styles into a vertical format is anticipated to be a pivotal focus in 2024 for content creation on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Reels, and TikTok. This approach has the potential to deliver aesthetically pleasing content, resulting in an increased retention rate for the average consumer.

Connecting with a Social Cause
Establishing a connection between a brand and a social cause is deemed imperative for resonating with the collective emotions of content consumers. This method will be extensively employed to “build a community for a cause,” providing brands and individuals with an opportunity to advocate social issues and raise awareness effectively.


Creating an ASMR Experience
The trend of feel-based content experiences is expected to gain substantial traction in 2024. The artistry, craftsmanship, and technology employed in shooting and editing such videos will be in high demand. Once users engage with such content, the likelihood of them returning to experience it again significantly increases, marking it as a noteworthy trend to watch.

Creating a mini-series
The emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms has transformed the consumption of content into a routine engagement with episodic narratives. Crafting diverse stories that maintain the central character’s interactions with their surroundings and network of relationships renders the content more relatable than instances presented in isolation. This trend not only enhances brand retention but also ensures prolonged engagement over an extended period.

Showcasing the process
Audiences are typically fascinated by the intricacies involved in crafting compelling content. The trend of storytelling that immerses the viewer in the creation process, providing a firsthand experience, is expected to gain prominence in 2024. This approach not only establishes belief in the final output but also fosters a connection with the creative process, ultimately building trust in the brand.

Tanmay Shah is-Founder and CEO of FridayFictionFilms


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