Suspense thriller ‘Ballygunge 1990’ to enthrall Mumbai audience on Dec 18

 Suspense thriller ‘Ballygunge 1990’ to enthrall Mumbai audience on Dec 18

Actors Anup Sonii and NIvedita Bhattacharya in a scene form the play

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India’s leading theatre group The Films and Theatre Society is all set to bring back its suspense thriller Hindi play Ballygunge 1990- Love is an Endless Mystery for the audience of Mumbai. Ballygunge 1990 is Atul Satya Kaushik’s first attempt in the genre of suspense and thrill. The show has had 45 successful runs in different parts of country and has featured in prestigious theatre festivals such as Bharat Rang Mahotsav (by National School of Drama, Delhi), Jaipur Rang Mahotsav (Jaipur) and Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (Mumbai).

Ballygunge 1990 is an 85-minute thriller set in 1990. The story unfolds in Ballygunge, a famous place in (the then) Calcutta. Kartik and Vasuki had been in a very passionate relationship for more than 10 years before Kartik left Vasuki behind and set out to chase his dreams in Mumbai. Vasuki is now married to a famous painter, Binoy Das and is living a life full of regrets and vendetta as she holds Kartik and their failed love responsible for her miserable life. She invites Kartik over for a coffee at her mansion on the evening of Durga Pooja. Kartik is a bit confused and happily surprised to see the same ten-year-old passion and love in Vasuki’s eyes while Vasuki is shocked to see the same hostility and detachment in Kartik’s eyes. What happens after that is what you will witness in the play.

Says Anup Sonii, who plays Kartik, “We are glad to comeback post COVID with the thriller play. Generally, the plays are either comedy or romantic. Thrill as a genre is least explored in plays.  We have had 45 successful runs so far, and each has evoked a great response.”  Nivedita Bhattacharya plays Vasuki. “I am glad to work after a long time in theatre. The play is a mixture of love and thrill and will keep connected,” she says.

Atul Satya Koushik, writer & Director of Ballygunge 1990 says that it had been a different journey altogether for him. “Though it is a suspense thriller play, what inspires me the most about it is the layered definitions of love that it showcases. Love in itself is a mystery and this play has given me a chance to delve deeper in that mystery,” he says, adding that writing the play has been challenging. “The challenge with writing and creating such plays is you are writing a thriller with one mind but there are 600-700 minds in the audience trying to crack your suspense points. So, you have to think ahead of them and try to fill all loopholes and make it a watertight script,” he adds.

On December at 7.30pm, St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai.
For tickets, click or call 9873579796


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