RED FM’s partnership with Spotify opens up a world of podcasts

 RED FM’s partnership with Spotify opens up a world of podcasts

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To introduce the best of its podcasts on the radio channel’s show, The Spotify Podcast Hour, RED FM is collaborating with audio streaming platform Spotify. The show will feature some of the best audio content pieces from Spotify’s podcast library and will give listeners a chance to discover new audio content.

While podcasting has been on the rise over the past decade and a half, the numbers have steadily increased in recent years. “RED FM’s Podcast Hour, launched in June, 2020 is a curation of handpicked podcasts for listeners. The show is sponsored by Spotify, and have engaging podcasts such as Bhaskar Bose, The Ranveer Show, Urdunama, The Musafir Stories, and more. The aim of the partnership is to help RED FM listeners navigate through Spotify’s catalogue of over 1.5 million podcasts, and give them a choice of discovery.

The Spotify Podcast Hour starts on RED FM’s Morning No.1 show from 11 am to 12 noon.


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