Red FM enters the mighty Himalayan regions of Leh and Ladakh

 Red FM enters the mighty Himalayan regions of Leh and Ladakh

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Expanding its footprint in the mighty Himalayas, private radio and entertainment network 93.5 RED FM launched its new radio station in Leh Ladakh with an exciting launch campaign, ‘Leh, Hum Aa Gaye’ that talks about providing ultimate infotainment and entertainment for the people of Ladakh. Opened today, this is RED FM’s 69th radio station.

As a Nat-Local FM station, RED FM’s endeavour is to support the local communities. The station will play superhit songs from different musical genres, including Bollywood, English and Ladakhi. Along with shows like Morning No. 1 with RJ Faisal Ashoor, Cafe 935 with RJ Shruti and Red FM Shuffle with RJ Ayan, RED FM will broadcast special request show called Request Bajao hosted by RJ Sonam and an internationally-acclaimed series of spine-chilling original ghost stories, Ek Kahaani Aisi Bhi hosted by RJ Praveen. Other programmes include Sunday Stars Attak with RJ Malishka and Superhits Top 30 with RJ Swati. To top it all, RED FM also brings to the listeners of Leh, the first ever Ladakhi sparkler, Chuspa Achowa with RJ Faisal Ashoor. Over the years Red FM has framed the relationship between radio and its listeners by centering energies around the emotional connection.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM, and Magic FM, said “Ladakh has an enthrallingly rich, colourful and fascinating culture, which so to say was the lure to diving knee deep into it. Now that we’re here, we aim at uplifting the local flavour of Ladakh and adding our own brand attitude and philosophy of Bajaate Raho to it. And to the loving people of Ladakh, I hope to deliver to your expectations on supporting the local culture, music and contribute to the growing landscape of the Union Territory to the best of our ability.”

You can send in your song requests on whatsapp number: 8527200935.


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