Navrasa Duende Global Carnival at JLN stadium

 Navrasa Duende Global Carnival at JLN stadium

Come Feb 23, and Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium will play host to Navrasa Duende Global Carnival, a one its kind global carnival dedicated to complete range of arts and entertainment.

The three-day carnival will include both Indian and Western music, rock, pop, jazz, folk and electronic, in both classical and popular categories, as well as dance concerts. In addition there will be photography, painting and sculpture exhibitions, screening of feature films and documentaries and stage plays. Wellness sessions, literary events and fashion shows will also be held.

Some highlights include live performances by renowned artists like London Festival Opera, Dublin Phiharmonic Orchestra, Flying Steps (Western Classical), Jinjo Crew, D’Intensity Breakers Gulabo (dance), Jasleen Royal and Art and Artistes (music).


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