‘My Wife’s 8th Vachan’ premiers tomorrow St Andrews Auditorium, Bandra

 ‘My Wife’s 8th Vachan’ premiers tomorrow St Andrews Auditorium, Bandra

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India’s leading theatre group The Films and Theatre Society is all set to bring a new Hindi Comedy play My Wife’s 8th Vachan in Mumbai. The play features actors Anup Soni, Vinay Jain and Monisha Singh Katial.

My Wife’s 8th Vachan is comedy and family play inspired by marriages. The story revolves around Madhur and Mahek, a normal couple married for 15 years, who are often found quarrelling for petty reasons. So much so that their little daughter has decided to study in a boarding school to avoid daily battles her parents invent out of nowhere.

Now, Mahak wants a conversation with Madhur about the state of their marriage, and is mentally prepared for any eventuality. A reluctant Madhur finds himself in the uncanniness episode of his life when the eighth promise that Mahak had made at the time of their marriage comes back to haunt him. What is that eight promise? Whom did she make it to? Is this the much-awaited break that they both need? Come and discover in this laugh-a-minute comedy.

“I have done comedies in the past but more as experimental and workshop productions. This is my first serious attempt at comedy at this scale. Comedy is difficult. You never know what the audience will find funny!. All we can do as makers of theatre is to be honest with our content and leave it to the audience to tell us if it struck a chord with them or not,” says Atul Satya Koushik, who has written and directed the play

Says Sonii, “Doing this new play was an opportunity for me to explore the comic side as an actor. Every actor wants to explore all kinds of genres. I always have a very serious image so it’s always nice to keep breaking it and surprising the audience. It’s a brilliant script, very well written, contemporary modern couple drama. I am sure the audience is going to relate to this play because it has all the elements which we experience in our day-to-day life. I hope the audience likes my comic side as well.”

Adds Jain says, “I am excited to be back on the stage after a gap of almost four years. What’s really wonderful is that this play deals with the eternal theme of human relationships in a manner that is extremely contemporary and relevant. Atul has done a stellar job with this slice-of-life script which will bring many a laugh and many a tear in the eyes of the audience. All in all, I can assure you that it will be time well spent – for us, as well as for those who come to watch the show!”

“Mehek has all the shades of today’s woman. It’s inspired by situations and people around us making her someone you all feel you know. This play will make for a great watch as it’s not just a comedy but also has a strong message at the end of it,” puts in Katial

February 12 @5pm and 8pm, at St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai

For tickets visit www.bookmyshow.com or call 9873579796 or Click here


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