Let’s keep the planet clean and green: Bollywood stars

 Let’s keep the planet clean and green: Bollywood stars

Today is Earth Day, and at a time when the world battles the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, Bollywood took to social media to remind us of our responsibility to keep the planet clean and green.

Sonakshi Sinha tweeted: “When you realize “Heart” and Earth are spelt with the same letters, it all starts to make sense! Happy 50th #EarthDay!

Bhumi Pednekar shared a beautiful poem on how to make the earth cleener and more beautiful. The actress wrote: “You can save water & plant a tree. Say no to single use plastic & make her free. Recycle your things, Don’t make more trash, We have really abused her, let’s not be rash. I love you Earth is all I can say, Everyday should be Earth Day #HappyEarthDay #EarthDay #ClimateWarrior”

Kajol tweeted: “The earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to earth. If that has not been proved categorically to us at this time I don’t think it ever will be. Happy #EarthDay2020 to all the remaining species.”

Madhuri Dixit Nene suggested: “This lockdown has shown us how little nature needs for it to revive and thrive. On the 50th #EarthDay let us all pledge to #DoOurBit by switching off appliances when not in use, plant trees,use fuel & water conservatively. Together we can build a better world, one we all are proud of.”

Rakul Preet Singh shared on Instagram: “Get lost in the beauty of nature to find yourself! We haven’t really been responsible enough to nurture the planet that feeds us all. It’s time we realise the same and strive to be better citizens of earth. They say nature has its ways to teach a lesson , maybe this is a warning to preserve our habitat. If we truly surrendered in Earths intelligence we could rise up rooted like trees! Happy Earth Day.”

Sidharth Malhotra expressed on Twitter: “Today, while we are locked in our houses, nature continues to thrive. We all need to remember this when we get out that we are just guests on this beautiful planet not the owners . This #EarthDay2020 let’s do our bit to heal our planet and build a better future.”

Richa Chadha shared a video where she offers suggestions regarding how we can make a difference to the planet. The actress suggested growing some of our own food like she has grown aloe vera and Curry leaves, segregating dry and wet waste, saving electricity, saying no to plastic, saving water and using recycled products. She concluded with a message: “Give love to mother earth. This is the only home we have. Nature doesn’t need us, we need it.” “It’s EARTH DAY! Woke up and made a video, (simple enough for a 6 year old, but we all tend to forget the basics)! While everyone is busy sharing pictures of peacocks on roads, dolphins in the sea, birds and clear blue skies… Let’s not forget that nature is healing and we must not get back to our old ways once the lockdown is relaxed! Every day is Earth Day!” Richa captioned.

Tamannaah Bhatia shared a message on climate change and wrote: “The Earth Does Not Belong to Us: We Belong to the Earth. -Marlee Matlin. Climate change is real and currently we are experiencing it first hand. Let pledge to protect our planet and make it green and clean, once again! #earthday2020”.

Dia Mirza tweeted: “The world needs a ‘Satyagraha’ a movement of non-violence against Nature. Respect Nature’s DEMOCRACY for the sake of ALL people. The planet provides and nurture’s life. #ForPeopleForPlanet”.



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