‘Laugh re Laugh Theatre Festival’ this weekend at Kamani, Mandi House

 ‘Laugh re Laugh Theatre Festival’ this weekend at Kamani, Mandi House

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Be ready for a laugh riot this weekend, when Kamani Auditorium will play host to two comedy plays Baap Ka Baap & Zamaana Kya Kahega? A part of the KTC Laugh re Laugh Theatre Festival,  repeat snows of these plays will be held January 13 and 14. The plays boast of a stellar ensemble of popular, varsatile comic actors like Asrani, Padmini Kolhapure, Rakesh Bedi, Delnaz Irani, Naveen Bawa, Chitrashi Rawat among others.

Says KTC (Kanupriya Theatre Company) Co-Founder & Co-Director “Laugh re Laugh Theatre Festival is an attempt by us to portray that theatre can be light-hearted and meaningful at the same time as against the common thought that associates theatre with serious stuff. Both the plays Zamaana Kya Kahega? & Baap Ka Baap are unique musical comedies that have never been performed before in Delhi on this scale.”

Says KTC Co-Founder & Co-Director Aakshay Yaduvanshi, “The world today needs laughter and joy, and we wanted to start the year with an experienced stellar cast that can do just that. We aim to create not just a play, but a complete experience for our audience with dance, drama & comedy”.

Zamaana Kya Kahega? Is an ode to Retro Bollywood & it’s Legendary Romance. Written & Conceptualized by Kanupriya, it has Rakesh Bedi, Delnaaz Irani, Aakshay Yaduvanshi, Guncha Kanupriya, Aakash Kumar, Arin Sharma, Shashwat Tyagi, Shubhangi Anand, Anita Vohra, Gaurav Ahuja, Isha Singh, Shaurya Kesarwani, Abhishek Mishra among and others. Rakesh Bedi and Delnaaz Irani play accidental lovers.

Rakesh Bedi interview

The romantic comedy takes place in 2007, a time where the newly-launched internet cafes play cupid in the love story of two strangers – Yash & Payal. This family-friendly love story takes us back to the old-school Bollywood era, where we re-live Madhubala’s Anarkali, Kishore Kumar’s melodies, Dev Anand’s evergreen charm and ask boldly, Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya? This play has been performed over 50 times in Delhi-NCR alone so far.

Baap Ka Baap starring Asrani, Padmini Kolhapure, Naveen Bawa and Chitrashi Rawat depicts the story of emotional bonding between a loving father & his son. Jawan, a loving father, raises his son Bacha single-handedly and sacrificing his own needs of companionship and love.

Jawan’s only ambition of life is to see his son getting married. However, fate has something different for them. Jawan is again into his youth and is looking for love in the young and seductive NRI girl, Namkeen. Very soon, Jawan’s desire takes over his duty. While trying his best to hide his awkward relationship a secret from his son Bacha. On the other hand, Bacha discovers his love in a widow Mithai. An unusual and touching relationship begins between the two. Finally, their relationship is revealed to Jawan. At first, Jawan takes serious objections but ultimately surrenders to his son’s pleas and the two get married. This is where all the fun begins. The four souls are joined together with one common thread – love. Watch out how their moralities, social taboos, their love, their ambition, and their duty is challenged and rediscovered.

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