Korean Cultural Centre India screening Korean short animation films online

 Korean Cultural Centre India screening Korean short animation films online

Some of the animation films being screened online

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Korean Cultural Centre India in cooperation with the Korea Independent Animation Association (KIAFA) has begun online screening of Korean short animation films.

The first film was screened today at 6.00pm – a film will be screened every evening till February 25 – through the Korean Cultural Center’s film screening website.

The event will feature seven of the latest works submitted in 2021 from the “Indie-AniFest” hosted by KIAFA. The KCCI has carefully picked works that have varied expressions and interesting storylines; ranging from traditional drawing works to works employing 3D computers.

Writer Kim Kang-min’s Dream uses a stop motion animation technique that gradually moves and shoots objects that are stationary. This work incorporates the author’s autobiographical story, expressed through a concise and powerful black-and-white image with a synopsis of love for children based on the mother’s precognitive dream. Who brings chocolate jam? (Jang Na-hee), the animation music video First Time (Lee Gyu-ri), Incomplete Woman (Heo Soo-young) with engaging characters leading profound stories, and The Master Piece (Kim Si-on, Lee Eun-jin, Lee Ji-young) are some of the films being screened.

Hwang Il-yong, the director of the Korean Cultural Centre, said, “Korean webtoons have recently gained a lot of international attention around the world. In addition to this situation, I believe that it is very important to introduce short animation works to India that are unique in terms of artistry.”


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