Ali Fazal in Kandahar sequel?

 Ali Fazal in Kandahar sequel?

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Ali Fazal may become the first Indian actor with an international action film franchise – the actor may soon be joining Kandahar franchise as sequel. With commendable contributions to Bollywood, Hollywood, and OTT platforms, appearing in Kandahar sequel would be a significant milestone in his career.

Sources have revealed exciting prospects for the action-packed Kandahar. The film’s remarkable global success has sparked discussions about a potential sequel, and if these discussions materialize, Ali Fazal will be making history as the first Indian actor to become a part of a successful franchise of this magnitude. The director, Ric Roman Waugh is known for creating some incredible franchises be it London Has Fallen and Olympus has Fallen or the Greenland series.

Renowned for his roles in Hollywood’s films such as the Gerard Butler-led Kandahar, Death on the Nile alongside Gal Gadot, and the British biographical drama Victoria & Abdul with Judi Dench, Ali Fazal’s journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide and has truly become one of the biggest names from India to have found incredible success in the west.

Ali Fazal’s portrayal of Kahil in Kandahar left a huge mark on both audiences and critics. For Kandahar, he undertook the rigorous task of learning dirt biking and executed daring stunts, adding authenticity to his character.

With the prospect of Gerard Butler and Ali Fazal reuniting in a Kandahar sequel, fans can anticipate an exhilarating cinematic experience.

A source reveals, “Ric is known for creating franchise films. And Kandahar too ended on a cliffhanger with a prospect of a sequel. Ali was the lead antagonist and will be reprising his role in the sequel. The film will soon start development”.

As developments in the Kandahar sequel unfold, Ali Fazal’s participation in this ambitious project stands as a testament to his international acclaim and his ability to seamlessly navigate the diverse landscape of the film industry


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