Puneet Issar’s live theatre play ‘Jai Shri Ram Ramayan’ to premier on November 20

 Puneet Issar’s live theatre play ‘Jai Shri Ram Ramayan’ to premier on November 20

Actors Siddhant Issar and Puneet Issar as Ram and Raavan

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Actor Siddhant Issar play’s role of Shri Ram

Father Son Duo Puneet and Siddhant Issar are coming with the historical Hindi play Jai Shri Ram Ramayan.  Apart from Puneet and Siddhant other actors in the play include Vindhu Dara Singh, Yashodhan Rana and Samiksha Bhatnagar.

Jai Shri Ram Ramayan play is written and directed by father and Son duo Puneet and Siddhant Issar.  The entire play is depicted from Bhagwan Shri Ram’s perspective. The entire story of the Ramayan is presented in a concise form of three hours with 12 original track songs, live action and dance, with intense dialogues, special effects, and extravagant costumes.

Talking about the play, Puneet says, “I had played Raavan, Duryodhana roles in reel and real. My journey has showcased all different paths and their spiritual journey. It was a magnificent experience. The whole play is written by me and Siddhant and directed by both of us. It will be a different experience where we will play Ram Ravan role in front of each other. Doing this character is always special for me and I am trying to take that head on. The play aims to highlight the importance of ‘Ram Rajya’ in today’s society.  We have showcased the values and principles of Bhagwan Shri Ram and present Bhagwan Ram in an image of what an ideal man should be.”

Actor and Director Siddhant adds, “The play presents all facts and truths of the Ramayana, in its truest and purest form. Through this play we also want to enlighten the local youth about our culture, tradition, faith, religion, values, and beliefs.”

“Hanuman Ji has blessed my Family. We are Pehelwaans. We worship Bajrang Bali. My father, the great Dara Singh played Hanuman Ji, immortalized the role. I have myself played Hanuman Ji for over 40 years now.. and over 50 times.. across TV, Ram Leela’s Regional films and Now This Magnum Opus Play “JAI SHRI RAM Ramayan. I am very happy with the interpretation Puneet and Siddhant have rendered for the character… it will be like a power packed Hanuman never seen before.. at the same time. the quintessential imagery has been given full respect ” puts in actor Vindhu Dara Singh.

On November 20, 6.30pm at St Andrews Auditorium, Bandra
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