I hope no censorship happens on OTT platforms

 I hope no censorship happens on OTT platforms

You have watched her as Sanjana in May I Come In Madam? and couldn’t have missed her in Devdas, Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji and more recently in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari. The Mumbai-born daughter of textile businessman father and homemaker mother, NEHHA PENDSE will soon be a part of our daily lives as she replaces Saumya Tandon as Anita Vibhuti Narayan Mishra on &TV’s superhit comedy show, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain! The actress who started working as a child artiste, in a chat with SAURABH TANKHA, shares her parents’ reaction when she wanted to join the entertainment industry, her experience of working in movies Down South, her life and more…


How challenging is it when you replace an actor who had been playing a certain role like it happens in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain! and make a place yourself to an extent that the audiences start loving you?
It is indeed challenging to fill into the shoes of a well-established and popular character. The comparisons are bound to happen. But I’m confident the new Anita bhabhi will add new dimensions to the role which will be a refreshing change for the viewers. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we keep certain core elements of Anita bhabhi character’s alive and at the same time, bring in a new and fresh perspective to her overall persona to up the entertainment quotient. From my side, I’ll make sure to make this transition less bumpy and put in my best foot forward and live up to the viewers’ expectations.



What is that one factor which makes you decide on an assignment?
As an artiste, I should feel an instant connect with the storyline, characters and the director of the show. It is extremely important for me to have a connection with these three aspects to go ahead with a project.

When was the first time that Neha Pendse decide to enter the glamour industry?
I decided to enter the entertainment industry at the age of 14. I made my debut with a Bollywood film and later went on to do a couple of television assignments. After my debut film, there has been no looking back and kept working to reach where I’m today.

What was your parents’ reaction when you shared the news of joining the entertainment industry?
My parents were very supportive. As kids, we were given a levy to choose the right career for us without ignoring our studies. My parents just had one condition for me and my sister that we must complete our education and only then pursue our respective careers.

Why have you been so selective about your roles?
All of us need to enhance our craft and to do so bringing in variation is extremely important. As an artiste, it is our top priority to engage the audience with our choice of characters else we will get stereotyped. To avoid stagnation in a genre, I feel it is good to be picky.



How did period of Covid-19 treat you and what changes have you witnessed in yourself during this phase?
The most important lesson I learned in these trying times was to give time to myself. It is extremely important to spend time with yourself. With the constant exhaustion that we go through, it becomes important for us to pick up an activity that we love. I read books I had been waiting to read from quite some time. Spending time with family was very therapeutic as I never realised small joys and pleasures could be so meaningful.

You have done films Down South. How different are the two industries?
I don’t think they are very different though the approach towards the language and culture is slightly distinct. People there are as committed as here but probably they are more punctual. All in all, it is quite the same.

What is Nehha Pendse doing when she is not breathing glamour?
I play with my dogs. I spend time organising my house. I’ve a very small world.



Do you think OTT is the future of entertainment industry in India?
OTT is inclusive of the future but not the only future. It is another medium at our disposal to express ourselves. And the medium is good till there are no censorships. Once censorship happens, it will be like your cable connection. I hope no censorship happens on the OTT platform. Though people usually think OTT will overpower theatre and cinema but I don’t think so as you go to theatre for undivided attention and cinema hall for cinematic experience. Both can’t be done on the OTT platform.

Do you dream?
No, I don’t. I sleep like a dead woman.

Your mantra for life.
Live, let live, forgive and don’t forget. Be independent and be respectful.


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