Hoop Entertainment to produce 10 new audio-dramas for Audible

 Hoop Entertainment to produce 10 new audio-dramas for Audible

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Audio storytelling platform Audible has joined hands with Nikhil Mirchandani’s Hoop Entertainment for 10-audio dramas. Hoop Entertainment will produce 70 hours of original, multi-character, audio series content, across mythology, drama, history, true crime and horror genres, creating a “theatre of the mind” experience that will be exclusively distributed on Audible.

The 10 new shows produced by Hoop will be available free for all listeners, exclusively on Audible. Eight of these are already published, including Ek Thi Devi, a fictional story of the life of a dacoit in the ravines of Uttar Pradesh and Undercover, an espionage thriller.

The shows attempt to create innovative, never-before-heard audio experiences with multiple characters, original music and revolutionary sound design. Listeners can expand their imagination and be transported into new worlds, while enjoying a whole new audio experience.

Shailesh Sawlani, VP and Country Manager for India at Audible commented, “This is a part of our constant endeavour to provide our listeners with best-in-class content. We are confident our shared passion for storytelling will help us to continue to deliver an immersive experience for our listeners.”

Nikhil Mirchandani, Founder, Hoop Entertainment, said, “The stories, narrative, performances, and sound design will create a ‘theatre-of-the-mind’ experience. Audio is the next entertainment frontier, and our audiences are ready for complex storytelling and personalised audio experiences.”

The following shows will be free for all, exclusively on Audible:

Queens of India: Retelling stories of bygone dynasties from the perspective of the Queens who have in many instances been responsible for the creation or the downfall of these dynasties & Kings

Azadi Ki Jung: This series traces the journey through the events that finally led to the Independence of India in 1947.

Magadh – Ek Khoj: The story of the Mauryan dynasty through the eyes of its creator – Chanakya.

Puraan:  A vast genre of Indian literature about a range of topics such as kings, queens, sages, legends & other traditional lore

Killers of India: The most sinister minds of the country who have cemented their names as the most prolific serial killers in India.

Chronicles of India: The things you must have missed in History class about the fabric of India.

Ek Thi Devi: A fictional story of the life of a dacoit in the ravines of Uttar Pradesh

Undercover: A gripping espionage thriller

Khauff: Experience the mysteries and legends behind the most haunted places in India.

Rakshak – Ashoka’s 9: Explore the untold story of India’s secret society established by Ashoka the Great.


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