TOP 5 Hindi serials you should watch

 TOP 5 Hindi serials you should watch


A newly started weekly serial (Sundays on star plus) this is an excellent crime investigative thriller drama. It is a story of an honest and brave DCP Ranjan Chittoda, investigating the murder mystery of his mentor and the difficulties he faces while doing so. It also talks about how the families of cops are always at the receiving end, for they often have to sacrifice their personal life before their duty. Bhanu Uday Goswani as DCP Ranjan Chittoda suits the role to the T. Dipannita Sharma as his wife Gayatri Chittoda has effectively portrayed the angst of wife who always have to sacrifice.




Running for more than 1500 episodes, the serial has managed to keep its pace and its audiences glued to it. Both the original female leads were changed – first Shubhangi Atrey replaced Shilpa Shinde as Angoori Tiwari and now Neha Pendse has replaced Saumya Tandon as Anita Mishra. And though it would have been delightful to have the original cast, the two new ladies are not doing bad either. For me, what makes this an enjoyable watch are the smaller characters like Teeka, Malkhan, Tillu and Chhedi – small roles but typically Kanpuria dialect and feel. The two male leads, Rohitash Gaud as Manmohan Tiwari and Asif Shaeikh as Vibhuti Narayan Mishra as too much into their roles and cannot be faulted.




Brilliant acting by Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa, a subdued wife-turned-fiery independent woman who seeks divorce from her philandering husband, makes this an interesting story to watch. It is not just Ganguly but Sudhanshu Pandey as her husband and Madalsa Sharma as the other woman who are doing full justice to their characters. So are a host of other artistes. But it is the storyline of Anupamaa (daily soap on Star Plus) which takes the cake – the senior Shah, supporting their daughter-in-law against their son is heartwarming.




A daily soap on Sony TV, this is the story that shows how Ahilya Shinde, a meek innocent girl turns into a daunting ruler Ahilyabai Holkar. Married at 9 to Khanderao Holker, son of Malhar Rao Holkar, Ahilya was actually picked up by Malhar Rao for her after he saw her compassion towards animals as well her love towards her religion and culture. The show stars Aditi  Jaltare as baby Ahilya and Rajesh Shringarpure as Malhar Rao beautifully portrays the relationship between the two. The direction is good and acting by all superb. A good treat for those who dig history.




Now, this is an usual family drama (daily soap on Star Plus) with bejewelled women fighting and indulging in one-upmanship against each other. Set in a Marathi family, it also talks about the usual rich-poor divide, and some unrequited love. But what makes this show interesting is that here too there is a couple wherein the husband lets his wife study MBBS going against the wishes of his joint family, and a mother-in-law who sides her son’s wife even when she is not convinced about her bahu’s behaviour. And when fights erupts between her beta and bahu, she doesn’t fan it, rather tries to douse it. How many serials do we have talking about positive relationships? That’s why you should watch it.



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