TOP 5 Reasons why every teenager should watch ‘Fanney Khan’

 TOP 5 Reasons why every teenager should watch ‘Fanney Khan’

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Fanney Khan is the story of hopes and dreams. It tells you how regular hard work, practice, perseverance and a positive attitude helps one achieve success. It also tells you that for succeeding in professional life, you don’t have to ‘compromise’ but hone your skills.


Most films portray the love of a mother for the child and the sacrifices she makes for the family, this one is a heart-warming story of a father and how he digests the insults thrown at him by his daughter, that too without any apparent rhyme or reason and still keeps loving her. Fanney Khan shows the abundant love a father has for his child. No matter how badly his daughter Lata (enacted by debutante Pihu Sand) behaves with him, father Prashant Sharma (played by Anil Kapoor) not only always forgives her but keeps working behind the scenes for her success.


The film tells you it is ok to fail but not ok to give up on life. Prashant Sharma is unable to become a top-notch singer he once aspired to be but he doesn’t wallow in self-pity. He joins a factory for his bread and butter and takes up colony-level programmes to satisfy the singer in him. And when the factory where he works at is shut, he has no qualms in taking up the job of a taxi driver to make ends meet.


The film talks about parents’ unflinching trust in their child’s abilities boosts their ward’s morale. And just as your parents trust you, you too must have faith in your parents. Understand their fears and concerns, and not pooh-pooh them.


The film tells you to be you, and not try to become someone you are not. It talks about the acceptance of not only one’s own body form (fat, thin, tall, short etc) but also one’s own values and systems. There are no set norms that one has to conform to. Be you, is the mantra.


Lata is a plus-size girl, which often makes her a butt of cruel jokes. Till the time she lets these snide remarks affect her, she is unable to sing despite being a good singer. But the day she decides to ignore these remarks, she excels and gets a standing ovation.


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