Dune wins Oscar for Best Visual Effects, takes DNEG awards tally to 7

 Dune wins Oscar for Best Visual Effects, takes DNEG awards tally to 7

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Visual effects (VFX) and animation studio DNEG has won an Oscar in the ‘Best Visual Effects’ category for its team’s work on Dune, at the 94th Academy Awards. The team members are Paul Lambert, Tristan Myles, Brian Connor, and Gerd Nefzer.

DNEG had been nominated in the ‘Best Visual Effects’ category for its work in two films – Dune and No Time to Die.

Watch them receive the Oscar for Dune here.

While accepting the award, Paul Lambert said, “VFX is the achievement of hundreds of people around the world. So huge congratulations to all the artists and production from DNEG.” DNEG has previously won Academy Awards for Tenet (2021), First Man (2019), Blade Runner 2049 (2018), Ex Machina (2016), Interstellar (2015), Inception (2011).

Namit Malhotra, Chairman & CEO, DNEG

Dune has set a new benchmark for what visual effects can mean for storytelling in cinema. I believe there will be conversations in terms of ‘pre Dune’ and ‘post Dune’ in terms of what we do in the arena of visual effects, in the coming years. I am grateful to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for this Award and these nominations and proud to see our team at DNEG receiving this laurel,” said Namit Malhotra, Chairman & CEO, DNEG, who started out in this business from a garage in Mumbai, adding, “I feel there is no barrier that we Indians cannot breach.”

Earlier this month, DNEG won a BAFTA for its VFX work on Dune, which combined with the 2022 Visual Effects Society awards it picked up makes this year one of DNEG’s most impressive years till date.


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