How Dibyendu Bhattacharya overcame the WFH challenge?

 How Dibyendu Bhattacharya overcame the WFH challenge?

Be it Lal Bazaar or Undekhi, actor Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s performance has been par excellence in his last few projects. Everyone has loved his effortless performances. While the shooting for both the shows happened outdoors, the promotion of Undekhi happened after the lockdown started.

The actor reveals how his friends came to his rescue when he was facing trouble adjusting to the work from home lifestyle. “After Lal Bazaar, Undekhi released and the promotion happened while I was at home. I had to do all the promotional work for both the projects from home. Sometimes, we had to do promotional video. There was hardcore shooting in the house for almost two-three months and work is still on. I was struggling a lot with poor indoor lighting, setting up the correct background, ensuring no part of the face was appearing dim in video interviews. This was all very new for me and I didn’t know how to give the right shot for promotions or interviews,” explains Dibyendu, whose recent mini-series Gone Game is shot entirely in his house.



The multitalented actor reveals it was his close friend Rahul Gupta, owner, Cine Equipment and his family who offered help. “Rahul and his family are very close to us. They are like our extended family and stay in the same building. His wife Ameeta is my wife Richa’s best friend. As Rahul and his father were into film production earlier and his son Nikhil is an aspiring cinematographer, they understand the production requirements. One of the days, I told them the problem I was facing and they immediately arranged the equipment for me. From a self-kino bulb, tube, ring light to a colour changing tube, they arranged everything and it suddenly became easier for me. I am blessed to have a family like them whose support was so selfless and generous. Even my wife Richa, son Shaurya and daughter Norah, become a team when I start working,” he says.


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