Be willing to commit life to your dreams

 Be willing to commit life to your dreams

She was one of the leads in filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls which followed her winning the first edition of Miss Universal Peace and Humanity in 2014 and working in a documentary, The World Before Her. You also saw her as Riya Sharma in the web series, Operation Cobra, with Gautam Gulati essaying the lead role of a RAW agent. All this apart from her numerous modelling assignments and her dream of pursuing singing for which she had arrived in Mumbai in the first place.

In these days of Lockdown due to Covid-19, Jaipur girl Ruhii Singh is busy with live Instagram chat sessions where she interacts with celebs from the film industry. Till date, she has guests like Shaan, Vishal Dadlani, Madhur Bhandarkar, Karan Kundra and Rahul Bose…

Saurabh Tankha had an e-interview with the talented actress…

When did the idea of #YuhiWithRuhi strike and how did you go about it?
When the lockdown started, I wanted to do something useful with my time and also entertain my followers as these are difficult times. So I came up with the idea of fun live chat sessions with my friends in the industry who can entertain and even educate people about the film industry and share their inspiring stories.

Who are the celebrities up for the interviews next?
This week we have Vikram Bawa and Papon.



You have raised your voice against the increasing number of domestic violence cases in India. Tell us more about it.
Yes, I supported a campaign against domestic violence on social media and am doing something for the same cause in the coming few days. This lockdown has truly become a kafkasque hell for many and something needs to be done.

We all know about your Miss India related journey. Share your journey from the Pink City to the Dream City. How did it all take off?
I moved to Mumbai in 2014 when I signed Calendar Girls, and rented an apartment. I wasn’t a fan of the traffic and small spaces and over population to begin with but then Mumbai grows on you and you fall in love with the city and its fast-paced lifestyle. Last year, I bought my own house and I’m truly glad I took the decision of moving to this dream city as it’s been phenomenal so far.

What was the reaction back home when you told them about your decision to enter modelling and then films?
Nothing dramatic, they were quite alright with any path I would choose for my life. In fact, my grandfather made me join dancing, singing and guitar classes to support my dream. I’m blessed to belong to my family.

Who was the most supportive during this phase?
Everyone was supportive except for some aunts and cousins I guess because they never thought I could do it! And one thing in life I know for sure — you cannot be paying attention to people who are not contributing to your life. My father, mother and grandfather have been my rock solid support system.



You wanted to become a singer but became a model and an actor. What happened to the singing plans?
Life is still on and hopefully, sometime in the near future, this dream would also come true.

How difficult is it for a newcomer to make a place in Bollywood, especially in the absence of a father figure?
Extremely difficult. Almost everyone I know who started with me gave up. There are two people apart from me who I still see around still working regularly! You have to be willing to commit your entire life to the dream. You can’t have a plan B if you really want to make it without support. But if you do decide to leave and do something else because it’s too difficult and unfair, that’s entirely up to you and I won’t judge but I am not like that. Every day, you have to work to motivate yourself in spite of numerous rejections you face. You will also meet many badly behaved and rude characters in your journey upwards, but keep your calm and dignity and work the hardest you ever have because once you reach the top, these same people will be super nice. Haha!. It’s very competitive and tough but I’m too stubborn.

Films vis-à-vis theatre vis-à-vis OTT. Your favourite and why?
I feel films in theatre halls have a different feel and vibe. The whole idea of popcorn and soda and watching a film on the big screen will always be more preferable. But there’s certain sensitive content which is more fit for OTT platforms so I really don’t mind that either. You have to move with the times.

What projects do you have in hand and what type of projects would you love doing?
My next web series is with Sanjay Mishra sir and I’m super-excited! It’s comedy and comes out hopefully soon. I’ll be seen in a never seen before avatar and I just can’t wait.



Your future plans…
I am as clueless as anyone about what the future is going to look like in terms of our industry but I feel it’s all above moving offline to online right now and I am starting my YouTube channel so I’m really looking forward to that and hopefully, we will have clarity about shooting also soon.

Mantra for life…
Never ever give up. Come whatever may, always keep your eyes on the end result. Also, mind your own business.





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