An edge of the seat murder mystery

 An edge of the seat murder mystery

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You don’t get to watch anything near this anymore. Six, the crime thriller show that premiered as a part of Disney+ Hotstar’s latest experimentation, Quix (short format shows from multiple categories for free of cost), is indeed special. And it is different too.

Six is a murder mystery that follows the investigation of a murdered businessman, Kashish Sura played by Sid Makkar and leads to six women becoming the suspects in the process. The murder case is investigated by Ruhana Dhullap (Mandira Bedi) who, during the process of investigation shortlists six suspects whom Sura meets during the course of the day before he gets murdered the same evening in his car – only to find each had a motive to get the successful businessman out of their way and away from the world.


Rashi Gera (played by Dipannita Sharma) with Kashish Sura (Sid Makkar)


Each of the six women suspects play their part to the T – from Manasi Rachh who plays Sura’s secretary (Monisha Mathur) to his business co-owner Rashi Gera (Dipannita Sharma) to the budding star Preeti Kukreja (Sulaghna Panigrahi) and the helpless housewife Noor Begh (Urmilla Kothare) to fitness trainer Orvana Joseph (Nauheed Cyrusi) to the waitress Tisha (Vibhoutee Sharma). Their expressions and mannerisms ensure you consider them all as the one who would have gone out to the way to knock off Sura. Sid Makkar as the spoilt businessman does full justice to his character. Seasoned campaigner Mandira Bedi as Ruhana Dhullap gets to do another cop role after playing one in the Indian version of the show, 24. And she perfectly suits the character.

The mini web series, which took off on May 27 and ended today (June 02), is beyond doubt one of the best creative works in terms of dialogues, direction and cinematography you would get to watch in a long time. Six comes in literally as a breath of fresh air (yes! murder mysteries can be fresh too) as producer-director Rrammy, who has penned the dialogues too, ensures there is no unnecessary violence, blood and gore as well as needless car chases that we have been so used to watching for decades in our movies and serials. Full marks to the young filmmaker for cutting out this crap on screen.


Monisha Mathur (played by Manasi Rachh) with Ruhana Dhullap (Mandira Bedi)


Six surely promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, just that it happens over seven days and you needed to come back to watch the new episode which was uploaded every midnight. However, for people watching it today onwards will be luckier as they get to watch it at one go. Alas! the season ended. Hope Rrammy is gets us another season of Six or may be a Seven or a Ten soon.


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