‘Yeh Meri Family’ captures the golden era of 1990s when there were no digital gadgets

 ‘Yeh Meri Family’ captures the golden era of 1990s when there were no digital gadgets

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The new season of webseries Yeh Meri Family (Amazon miniTV) takes viewers down the memory lane. The series captures 90s golden era and relives the winters of Lucknow with Moongfali, Gajak, Vespa scooter, telephone and quality family time. The five-episode series is centred around the Awasthi family from Ritika’s perspective featuring Juhi Parmar, Rajesh Kumar, Hetal Gada, Veena Mehta and Anngad Raaj.

Talking about her experience in the series that touched her heart, Juhi said, “Set in the 90s the nostalgia takes me back to my childhood, when life was much more vibrant, and one could experience the moment fully without being hooked to digital gadgets. The family bonding and simplicity used to make life so real, and it was so heart-warming for me”.

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Commenting on the parenting style she mentioned, “90s era brings the true meaning of life, school days, simple life, life was jovial/joyful at that time. Although there is something that I do not relate to like the parenting style from the 90s. The parenting style has evolved a lot since it was in the 90s. In today’s time we cannot scold them (I cannot twist my daughter’s ears or slap her face) but the purpose of wanting to straighten the kids up remains the same as always.”

Rajesh Kumar, who plays the role of father Sanjay Awasthi, “There is no reason for the audience to not relate to the show. As I said, it is a very simple storytelling. Agar kisi ko aaj ke yug me ye kahaani pasand hai, toh usko kisi bhi yug me, kisi bhi era me nana-nani, dada-dadi ki kahaani pasand aati hi hai. You will find it very simple, you will find emotions in it but you won’t find fear in it. You won’t find kisi ne gun rakha hai Sir pe aur gangster war hai. Aise era me jo sehaj zindagi abhi bhi hai, but because we are running so fast we are ignoring that. This is like catching hold of the audience and telling them to sit, relax and go easy with their lives. That’s why people will love it and will definitely relate to the show.”

Echoing with the thoughts of Rajesh, Hetal Gada candidly shared her experience of living through the character of Ritika Ashwathi with elements of relatability to the 90s era. “Ritika is a teenager sailing through her life. She has these wonderful experiences, she has these curious questions, and she has a bit of expectation from her friends and family. Because teenage is an age where you experience a lot of things, experience new emotions which you are not aware of and then you don’t know how to deal with it. So, everybody would relate to her. We all feel that the smallest of smallest problems are the biggest problems. And we consider them to be life’s biggest problems. Bahut bahut pyaara phase hota hai woh,” she adds.


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