When teachers learnt the power of unlearning & relearning

 When teachers learnt the power of unlearning & relearning

Resource Person Upasana Kaura and teachers engrossed in activity

Team L&M

A workshop on Power of Unlearning was held at Prudence School, Sector 16 B Dwarka, Delhi. Organised by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace it saw Upasana Kaura as the Resource Person.

The workshop started with an ice-breaking activity which helped teachers get to know each other better as also made them familiar with the Resource Person. They freely got involved in the workshop and shared their experiences. A few teachers also shared their personal issues, seeking the resolution of those and clearly felt enriched and upgraded.

Kaura spoke about the importance of unlearning and relearning. “These two are the key factors for successful accomplishment of our short-term as well as long-term goals,” she remarked.

The session concluded with a small activity that made everyone realise the importance of keeping oneself strong in the face of adversity, to overcome the difficult situations and challenges. The session witnessed a good interaction between the Resource Person.


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