Storytelling session held at Summer Fields School

 Storytelling session held at Summer Fields School

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When trying to impart an important moral lesson to kids, short stories are often the go-to for most parents. It not only tickles their imagination, but it also teaches them about life.

Short stories have a way of teaching lessons that makes them more relatable and interesting. In this context, a storytelling session was held at Summer Fields School, Gurugram last week. The session organised by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace, was undertaken by Resource Person Upasana Kaura. She recited the story The Princess Who ever Smiled, one of the best stories for children.

The Princess Who ever Smiled is a story of a princess who never smiled let alone laughed. She kept a stoic face even on the most funny incidents. Her father, the king, who loved her a lot felt dismayed. He made an announcement that whoever could make her smile could marry her. Many tried, but none succeeded. But one day a small gesture by an innocent boy makes her smile so much that her smiles turns into a laughter. The king gets very happy seeing his daughter laughing, and marries the Princess to him. The story teaches us that great blessings lie in small things and one must try to find happiness in small things and spread the same to others which is the real quality of being humane.

Considering session was dedicated to the World Heritage Day, observed on April 18 every year, after the storytelling session, Kaura engaged students in tales related Indian culture and its rich legacy.

storytelling session

The participants, children from grade 3 to 5, enthusiastically interacted with the Resource Person asking questions as also sharing their own personal experiences about the culture they follow. Sharing being an important aspect of our Indic culture, children were told about its importance – on their part they too shared anecdotes from their daily life that involved sharing and caring and hence contributing their bit to strengthening the social fabric.

storytelling session

Kaura also made the children take pledge to do their best to help the humanity prosper and flourish in every heart. The session concluded with a song We shall overcome….



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