Marina Publications organise two workshops at St Francis School

 Marina Publications organise two workshops at St Francis School

Snapshots from the workshops

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Two workshops were held at St Francis School, Bilaspur, Uttar Pradesh last week, one each on Dealing with Slow learners and Effective Teaching & Classroom Management. Organised by Marina Publications Pvt Ltd, these were undertaken by Resource person Ashwani Kumar Sharma.

During the workshop on Dealing with Slow learners Sharma began with talking about what slow learning actually is, stressing that it should not be considered a disability. “We can always help slow learners meet challenges and overcome learning issues,” he said.

“Learning is an essential but complicated process that one pursues throughout life. As in any other field, changes are inevitable in the education sector as well. While technological innovations have been received well by educationists, many schools continue to promote the traditional one-size-fits-all approach in teaching which in some ways may harm slow learners,” he remarked adding that this was something all educationist must ponder about for not all students can adapt to a rigid and fast-paced style of learning.

Sharma then spoke about ways to let such group of students to come at par with the class. “Teachers must show extreme patience and involve themselves personally with slow learners for them to excel,” he said.

The workshop on Effective Teaching and Classroom Management talked about the importance of innovative teaching methodology keeping in mind the long-term benefits for the learners.


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