Educating the educators through fun learning workshops at Sommerville

 Educating the educators through fun learning workshops at Sommerville

Beaming teachers after the workshop with the Resource Person Upasana Kaura (sixth from left)

Team L&M

In association with HT Pace, 6to16, the education wing of Life & More organised teachers’ workshop for two consecutive days, May 26 and 27, at Somerville School, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi. Resource Person Upasana Kaura was at the helm of affairs on both the days.

The first day was dedicated to Classroom Management during which Kaura discussed various key strategies for better management of classrooms, the four walls where tender minds sit to learn and know the facts of life. The workshop began with an ice-breaking activity followed by healthy interaction with the teachers regarding post pandemic teaching-learning process. Teachers shared their experiences and participated well for group learning. The session concluded with a highly motivational video to cheer up their spirits.

sommerville school workshop sommerville school workshop
Teachers presenting their views on Classroom Management

During the workshop on Teachers as Counsellors, Kaura spoke about why teachers need to fulfil the twin roles of educator and counsellors. “This goes a long way in actually shaping the life of the children, for, no one knows a child better than a teacher. You are the ones who can mould a child with your guidance and love,” she said.

sommerville school workshop sommerville school workshop
Listening intently to the Resource Person (left) and participating in the workshop (right)

Both the workshops were quite interactive as most teachers came forward and shared their experiences with their students. They enthusiastically participated in the fun-learning-activities organised by the Resource Person, and were open to new learnings imparted to them during the workshop.


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