Parents, help your child appearing for Board exams remain stress-free & study well

 Parents, help your child appearing for Board exams remain stress-free & study well

Upasana Kaura

With your child appearing for Board exams, what is your role as a parent? We share some tips wherein you can keep your peace, for your peace and calm will percolate to your children, as will stress.

The first thing to do as a parent is to be there for your child at all times, in all ways. Empower your child by radiating unconditional love and compassion, which will boost your child’s inner power to perform study well. It will also build a strong emotional bond between the two of you. There is no doubt that good scores are very important, but don make it the be-all and end-all of life. A well-rounded personality, with good human values goes a long way even if the academic scores are not cent-per cent. Do not allow your child to compromise on health, happiness and harmony of his inner being.

Help your child make a daily time schedule that includes the number of study hours as also the rest and sleep time. And monitor it. Keep space for short breaks in the study schedule. Working without a schedule can lead to chaos. This is the last leg of their preparation, and it is important that kids remain tension-free, otherwise everything they have learnt can get jumbled up in their minds.

Ensure that your child has proper eight-hour-sleep every night. And at least an hour’s time for play. Do not be too strict when it comes to watching TV. Some entertainment is surely needed. If your child is into book reading, allow her/him to indulge in leisure reading.

Pay attention to what they eat. No one can deny the importance of healthy nutritive food. Even if you are a busy working parent, make sure that you cook for your child. Do not let your kids have packaged ready-to-eat food. A healthy body inhabits a healthy brain. Good nutrition boosts energy levels and aids in focus and concentration.

Keep the environment at home peaceful. Do not pick on your child over small things. Pleasant home environment will help your child to relax and study well.

Even though this is exam time, make sure you spend some quality time with your child, so that he/ she can talk to you about his/ her fears and worries. Discuss about their syllabus and the chapters they find tough, and try to help them learn.


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