Educational workshop on Newspaper Recycling held at KIIT Gurugram

 Educational workshop on Newspaper Recycling held at KIIT Gurugram

Team L&M

The education wing of Life & More, 6to16 organised a workshop on Newspaper Recycling at KIIT School, Sohna Road Gurugram. Organised on behalf of HT Pace for students, it was undertaken by Ashwani Kumar Sharma as Resource Person.

During the workshop, Sharma spoke about the importance of recycling, not just newspapers but everything that can be as recycling is the only way to conserve our resources. Newspaper recycling is all the more important as scores of trees are cut to produce paper. “Recycling newspaper will help a long way in reducing the trash that goes to landfill sites as also help save on money,” he told students.

“One way to recycle newspaper is to make bags out of it,” Sharma informed students who listened with interest and enthusiasm. Post this, he also demonstrated how to make paper bags and envelopes from newspapers, putting newspapers to a productive use. The students showed keen interest in learning how to make paper bags and envelopes They also asked a number of questions, which were satisfactorily answered by the Resource Person.

Sharma then suggested students to develop it as a hobby to make paper bags and envelopes during the upcoming summer holidays. “You can also earn some money by selling these paper bags in your neighborhood market. Since the government banned the single-use plastic, an rightly so, paper bags are much in demand,” he informed. “The more creatively you make, the more sturdy the bags, the more you will get in return,” he said, adding that each students should try to spend a minimum of one hour every day during summer vacation on this.

Teacher Coordinator Yogita Sharma (l) and Headmistress Rashmi
Srivastava (r) with the Life & More team that  held the workshop

Many students showed keen interest and promised that they will spend more than one hour every day to make paper bags so that more money can be earned.

Significantly, the workshop was also attended by a few teachers, who also showed keen interest in learning the process.


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