Workshop on Power of Unlearning at Maxfort School interactive & educational

 Workshop on Power of Unlearning at Maxfort School interactive & educational

Counsellor Upasana Kaura at the workshop on Power of Unlearning

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A workshop on Power of Unlearning was held at Maxfort School, Paschim Vihar, Delhi recently. The workshop was conducted by Upasana Kaura on behalf of 6to16, the education wing of Life & More. 6to16 holds educational workshops for children, teachers and parents in association with HT Pace.

Maxfort School
Greeting the counsellor

The session began with an ice-breaking activity wherein school teachers were divided into four groups – Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Butterscotch depending upon which flavour they love the most. They were then told to discuss and write few characteristics of their school, and a group discussion was held thereon. Kaura briefed teachers about the importance of unlearning and relearning. “This is the process that helps a person better-equipped to move ahead in life. Unlearning things that don’t serve any purpose and learning new things help one gain confidence and knowledge. Relearning an old concept with fresh perspective also helps a great deal,” she remarked.

The workshop ended with a Power Point Presentation highlighting the concept of unlearning and relearning. Through the workshop, teachers shared their experiences and discussed the various hurdles they face while tackling the students. Their queries were successfully answered by the speaker.


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