To manage anger, we must give ourselves time: Jayashree Arora

 To manage anger, we must give ourselves time: Jayashree Arora

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“Anger has become a common emotion among parents, children and teachers, this lockdown. It can be well managed if we understand the origin of this emotion scientifically. Our brain has two hemispheres — right and left. Right becomes active in frustration but left part lets logic sink in. To manage anger, we must give ourselves time and let the left brain activate the logical side,” shared well-known motivational speaker and actress Jayashree Arora at the anger management session conducted by St Xavier’s High School, Ghaziabad via their Facebook page last weekend. Also organised was a mandala workshop.

Ms Arora advised teenagers not to get in situations when they know their parents won’t like it. “It is easier said than done but after all, we love our families. Anger can ruin relationships and nobody wants that. So it is better we manage it by distractions, open communication and being empathetic to each other,” she added.

The anger management session helped students in learning and comprehending the changing surroundings. Ms Arora addressed parents and students by suggesting tips on how to manage frustration and anxiety and create stronger base for communication in the family.

Around 500 students explored new realms of their artistic bent in the mandala workshop and competition which was open to the age group of 5-15. The participants learnt about the brief history of mandala artform and created different patterns from geometrical designs during the workshop conducted by the art teacher Karishma.


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