Know how can you enhance your communication skills

 Know how can you enhance your communication skills

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At a workshop held at SRS Mission School, Motivational Speaker Ashwani Kumar Sharma guided the students of Class 9, about ways to enhance their communication skills, the basic requirement for excellence in life. The resource persons made the session engaging by involving the children in activities which made the students understand the significance of being good communicators. The resource persons stressed on having good listening skill be a good responder. Since communication is a two-way process, the children were guided about basic qualities like being keen observants and understanding the tone and style of the speakers so that the response is accurate.


Stress was laid on being a good non-verbal communicator which is the need of the hour. Other points which were also explained included verbal communication, gestures usage and written  communication. The speakers cited various examples from real-life situations to let them grasp the concept of valuable communication which differentiates between a wise man and a foolish speaker. The students interacted well with the resource persons and posed their issues on how they needed guidance for honing their skills further.

The workshop was organised by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace.


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