Classroom management workshop @ Vidya Jain Public School

 Classroom management workshop @ Vidya Jain Public School

Team L&M

At the Classroom Management Workshop at the Vidya Jain Public School, the resource person Upasana Kaura gave valuable tips to teachers to help keep their class attentive and interactive. The session started with an ice-breaking activity wherein the teachers were asked to measure their stress level through a video. They could easily relate their own life with the one in the video. The resource person gave various ways as to how the children can be made valuable in the classroom so that they gain learning concepts clearly. Various activities were suggested to the teachers to gain maximum participation of the children like group discussion, lick lolly etc. The teachers were guided not to use corporal punishment as it is completely banned. Instead they could devise measures to make the child understand his fault by assigning duties, making him/ her a monitor or making him/ her write the assignment a number of times and more like this. The teachers discussed their issues with the resource person and got answers to their queries as well.


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