The art and science of spoken word

 The art and science of spoken word

T Subhashi

Words are Silver, Silence is Gold. It is said.

But not always. Just like there are situations in life when one must remain silent, there are certain times when one must speak up. Silence in the time of speaking up amounts to poison that will destroy your relationships as also your standing. One must be judicious enough to understand which situation demands spoken words. For, silence at such times will destroy your blessings and worthy things, it will hurt the heart of friends or destroys families, it will devalue all the values.

So, when the situation demands, shout out for the oppressed, defend the victims and condemn wrongdoings around you. Use the power of your words for light. Stand up for what is right even if you are the only one standing. Defend yourself against darkness, speak up against negativity wholeheartedly. Speak up about the things you don’t approve of.

Only spoken words are not the cause of karma, silence at wrong times also produces lots of karma.  Your silence against darkness and injustice also makes karma so huge that it will eventually swallow you wholly.

As the famous Hindi poet Ramdhari Sigh Dinkar wrote in one of his poems:

Samar shesh hai, nahi paap ka bhaagi kewal vyaadh;

Jo tathast hain, samay likhega unke bhi apraadh

Always remember, God is forever a witness. HE knows it when you could speak, but you remained silent and eliminated the chances of the change that could have been made.

The trick is to learn to speak correctly, and on time. It is words that can soothe a soul, it is words that can mend a broken heart. It is words that can calm a restless mind, and it is through words we can motivate other to bring out the best in them.

So, learn to speak up when required. Learn to speak for light and love. Learn to stand up for positive changes with your words, for words, not the silence, are the harbingers of big changes.


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