The Antagonists

 The Antagonists

Hi! I am a dark satiric story of clashing egos, fatal understandings and dangerous self-deception – The Antagonists. Penned by Tina Biswas who lives in London with her husband and a young daughter, I am her third novel. My story is about billionaire businessman and philanthropist Sachin Lohia who wakes up on January 12, 2013 to a nightmare. A raging fire has engulfed his hospital and left over a hundred people dead. With media demanding answers and chief minister of West Bengal, Devi, calling him a murderer, what does he do?

I am also about hot-headed and stubborn Devi who doesn’t bother with formalities – or facts. Her people are baying for blood and Sachin is the perfect scapegoat. Will her schemes bring about his downfall or will she be the one to get hurt in this battle of wits?
Well, you need to have me to find out the answers and how and what happens to Sachin Lohia. Don’t wait, just pick me up and find out…
Fingerprint!; Rs 350; e-book available


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