Understand the individual needs of your skin

 Understand the individual needs of your skin

The skin has a tremendous capacity for self-regeneration if properly cared for and it’s never too late to start.

The skin that has been properly cared for stays youthful for a longer time. It is also true that neglected skins develop symptoms of ageing prematurely. So, it is important to understand the individual needs of your skin. It is also essential to know the dangers and hazards that can hasten the appearance of ageing signs on the skin. You must know the skin’s worst enemies and learn how to protect yourself.  With the skin, you have one major advantage…..it will respond to the right kind of care.

Sun protection
The skin’s worst enemy is the sun. If you avoid excessive sun-exposure, you can actually help in prolonging the youth of the skin. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays also causes oxidation damage and this is said to be the foremost cause of skin ageing, because it affects the supportive layers of the skin. Apply a sunscreen 20 minutes before sun-exposure.



Damage from the sun’s rays is heightened near water bodies and snow, because they are reflective surfaces. So, when you are swimming or holidaying at sea and hill resorts, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Moisture is life, as far as the skin is concerned. This holds truer for people with normal to dry skins. Keep the skin well moisturised, especially if you are also exposed to constant air-conditioning or heating. Exposure to air-conditioners and heaters for long periods can deprive the skin of moisture and dehydrate the skin. The skin becomes fragile and prone to lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliation & masks
The shedding of dead skin cells and the formation of new ones is a constant process. The youth of the skin depends on the regeneration of healthy new cells. That is why exfoliation with scrubs is an integral part of skin care. Scrubs help to remove dead cells, remove cellular build-up and improve the process of cell renewal.



Masks also help in the removal of dead cells, apart from other benefits too, like improving blood circulation to the skin surface, tightening the skin and keeping it soft, smooth and youthful. The ingredients of the mask may be such that have specific age-control benefits, like aloe vera, yogurt, honey, wheatgerm oil, etc.

Particular areas
During your skin care routine, pay attention to particular areas of the skin, which begin to show ageing signs earlier than other parts of the face or body. These are the neck, the area around the eyes and the hands. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. It can get easily pulled or stretched. So, very gentle care is needed while removing make-up and creams. Apply a cleansing gel around the eyes and wipe off with moist cotton wool. Then apply an outer-eye cream and leave it on only for ten minutes. Wipe off with moist cotton wool. Masks should not be applied around the eyes. However, we have formulated a seaweed mask for the delicate skin around the eyes. It is of a watery consistency. It is applied and then washed off when it dries.

Include the neck in your daily routine. Apply cream and massage it on the skin, starting from the chin and going downwards. Use both the hands, one hand following the other. The pressure should be applied while going down and not while bring hands back to the chin.

The hands begin to show age earlier than most other parts of the body. Protect them by wearing rubber gloves when you perform your washing chores. Include the hands in your daily care routine by massaging a cream into the skin after your bath, or after household chores.


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