The “no make-up” look for summer

 The “no make-up” look for summer

The “no-make-up” look is also known as nude make-up. It is ideal for summer. Loads of make-up and a painted face can be most uncomfortable during the hot and humid season. Use fewer colours and go for neutral shades. Actually, the key word in the art of no-make-up is “natural.” In other words, despite having make-up on, the look should be natural and so subtle that the make-up is not visible. The face has a sheer and natural texture and the colours used are so natural that it gives the face the “no make-up” look. The make-up should have a translucent look, with subtle use of foundation and bases. In fact, select foundation that gives a flawless look. Use as little colour as possible. The colours that you use should be closest to the natural colour tone of your skin. The blusher should be one that provides a natural glow and lip colour should reflect the “no lipstick” look. The eye make-up can have eyeliner and mascara, or the smoky eyed look.

If you have a dark skin, select a liquid foundation, instead of a creamy one. The foundation should not be lighter than your skin tone. Try to get one which is as close to your normal skin colour as possible. It should have a matte finish.   When you apply foundation and powder, your aim should be for a lighter coverage. Special attention should be paid to blending. Your blusher should be a light tint. Try natural colours like pink and beige.



One of the tools that you can try is a tinted moisturiser, as a base for your make-up. Then apply foundation and blend with a damp sponge. During summer, you may need an astringent lotion, especially if the skin is oily. Wait for a few minutes and then apply foundation.  Apply powder to set the foundation. Or, go for compact powder, especially during summer. Select a beige colour for a no-make-up look.

For the eyes, use a brownish grey eye shadow for a softer look. A natural brown may be used in the crease. Highlight the brow bone with cream powder highlighter. Avoid shine. Apply eyeliner or eye pencil. The line should be close to the eye lashes. Go light on the use of liner, but apply more mascara. Brush out the eye lashes after applying mascara. For the night, apply liner very close to the lashes and then smudge them with a sponge tipped applicator.

Powder-based blusher may be used for the cheeks. Blusher should have a light tint, while natural colours like rose, peach or beige may be used for the lips. The effort should be to use shades and products that are suited to your natural colour tone.  If you have a pale skin, go for peach, pink or totally nude shades for the lips. For darker skin,  stick to pale beige lipstick. As far as nude make-up is concerned, the lips should look totally natural. Avoid using very pale, almost whitish shades. Choose shades similar to your skin colour tone. Apply lip colour with a brush to get the natural look. Avoid using a lip liner, but if you must use one, make sure it is the same colour as your lipstick. Avoid shimmer.



To emphasise your cheekbones or create hollows in the cheek area, apply blusher in a dark earthy tone in the hollows, under the cheekbones. Blend upwards and outwards. Then, use a lighter and brighter colour on the cheekbones, blending upwards towards the temples. Both the colours should also blend into each other.

With the nude make-up look, you can also go for the “no nail varnish” look too, using colourless, sheer nail varnish. It should give the nails a clean and healthy look. Or go for light shades like beige, pale pink or fuchia.




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