Hairstyles for monsoon

 Hairstyles for monsoon

Comfort is a factor that must be taken into consideration during monsoons. To carry yourself with confidence you need to feel cool and comfortable. As far as trends go, long hair with the softer look is in, with curls or natural waves, in the lower half of the hair. Long hair, kept open, can be most difficult to manage during hot and humid weather. Nothing can look more unattractive than long hair spread untidily over a sweaty back.

Putting the hair up makes you look and feel cool. The good news is that the classic ponytail is dictating trends. It suits most face shapes. One can wear a pony tail high or low, with a fringe or without. You can even have wisps or curls falling down, with that “carefully-careless” look. A ponytail is actually an easy hair-do. With ribbons, clips or other hair accessories, it can even provide a touch of glamour. One can have a ponytail for a formal or informal look. For a long face, wear a low pony tail and a light long fringe falling straight down. For an oval face, wear it with a side-swept fringe. For a square jawed face, have wisps of long curls falling down on either side of the face, just beyond jaw level.

Putting up the hair is a cool option. In fact, it can be ideal for a gala occasion during monsoons. Put up long hair in a top knot, a French roll, or a feminine, classic chignon. In fact, these styles would not only make you feel cool, but look sophisticated, elegant or glamorous.

Braids also help to feel cool and keep long hair out of the way. In fact, the hair can be braided in many ways, using hair accessories too. Long hair can be braided and then put up. Or, have the braid on one side, with tiny curls framing the face. Put up several braids in a pony tail with ribbons, or, make a pony tail, leaving one section of hair free. Braid the free section and wrap it around the pony tail, as if the braid is holding up the pony tail.

Curly and frizzy hair look more so when humidity is high. Apply anti-frizz cream, or mix some water with creamy hair conditioner and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the hair. Then comb, so that it spreads through the hair. Use a big round brush when you blow-dry the hair. Dry one section at a time and blow in a downward direction to avoid more frizz. Short hair has to be washed frequently during the monsoons to maintain its look and style. Of course, short, bobbed hair would make your feel cool. A short hairstyle suits a long face, if it adds width to the sides. Avoid too much blow drying. Dry your hair by finger combing to add more body to short hair.

Indeed, during the hot and humid season, it is not only about how you look, but how you feel.


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