Changes to make-up during Covid-19

 Changes to make-up during Covid-19

Today, we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In this unprecedented situation, we have accepted the fact that wearing a mask is mandatory and also life-saving. A mask has become one of our main accessories. Most women feel reluctant to wear too much make-up when they are wearing masks. They feel it would look totally out of place. They also feel that wearing heavy make-up, when the world is suffering from such a terrible pandemic, shows lack of sensitivity to the situation.

Such trends and feelings have continued even after the lockdown has been lifted at certain places. Naturally, the make-up and the way we look have also changed. The changes are reflected in the beauty industry itself where supply chains of several make-up items are disrupted. Lipstick sales are supposed to be showing a downward trend. With half the face covered by a mask, the use of lipstick and also foundations has reduced. With a mask on, a foundation can make matters worse, by making it feel heavy under the mask and making it more difficult to breathe. Many have stopped using foundation and use a powder compact or a highlighter on certain areas of the face like the cheek bones. If you must use foundation, make it a light, water based one. Oil-free formulations would be preferable to the usual creamy products so that it is not too heavy under the mask. Waterproof and smudge-proof products would be more suitable to wear under a mask.

Another major change is that there is less emphasis on lipstick and more emphasis on eye make-up. The trend is now to accentuate eye make-up. Kajal, eyeliner and eye shadows are becoming more popular. In fact, the prediction is that various shades of eye shadow will become the trend. Since the emphasis is on eyes, one must pay more attention to grooming the eyebrows on one’s own, by plucking and shaping them.



According to an expert, “Smoky eyes, glitter and pastel hues are 2020’s best picks for eye shadows. Be playful and experiment. Coloured mascaras and eyeliners should make a comeback.” Many are also predicting that transparent masks will become the trend, so that women can wear bright lipstick, which will be visible under the mask.

You may not be wearing your lipstick, but continue taking care of the skin on the lips, so that the skin of the lips does not suffer under the mask. Apply lip balm. Or, apply almond oil on the lips at night and leave it on overnight.

Wearing a mask for long hours, while being outdoors in the sun can lead to partial tanning of the skin, with the area outside the mask becoming tanned. So, carry out treatments that help to produce an even colour tone. Apply a sun block cream on the exposed area before going out in the sun. If your skin is oily, use a sunscreen gel. Anti-tan sunscreens are available.

All said and done, make-up will never go out of fashion.  Make-up not only makes one look good, but also feel good. It is said that wearing lipstick actually lifts the look immediately and also lifts the mood. Therefore, we are all looking forward to the time when the pandemic will end and make-up will be popular again.


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