Wake up. Get dressed. Office. Home. Repeat

 Wake up. Get dressed. Office. Home. Repeat

Is this the usual phenomena we are currently following? It’s apt to state that this mentioned routine won’t last long. We live in this chaotic universe, struggle for our living survival, only to make our lives more complex than ever before. Everybody likes to have a good job,  fat salary, pretty wife or girlfriend, an understanding family – and  happily live thereafter.

Do people ever think beyond this circle? If they did, we would have lesser number of friends, colleagues and other people who make a great effort to change their daily life style.

Need to work according to a planned schedule: like we followed a time table during our school days. Prepare your own plan for the day, allocate time accordingly and ensure it covers up all the requirements, you needed to accomplish during that day.

Following subsets may be important to design a productive day :
Religion and Faith: Present-day humans tend to follow religiously a materialistic mirage, disregarding underlying values that are enshrined in their wisdom books. Imperative is to manufacture, create time for imbibing values, virtues, that we believe in. World has made the human race believe that religion, spirituality is bluff, a time waster, old, obese, complicated, confusing, constraining, energy sapping, difficult to comprehend while being impossible to follow. Hence apt is to drop it, leave it, or purport having a superficial knowledge of some of its concepts.

What’s the underlying cause: The distinction of doing the right thing and the things right is continually getting eroded – hence ends today justify the means. Beg, borrow, steal to achieve your objective is the new order of the day.  Religion has degenerated into going to Sunday mass, while exhibiting one up ship on others. Taking advantage of the confused scenario, scores of charlatans have popped up everywhere, each dishing absurdities in name of healing, experiencing awareness, dishing illogical explanations of decoding today’s mysteries- with the sinister objective of amassing wealth by creating an army of rat followers- led by a pied piper.



Work life balance: Desist creating office at your home – more so in the present scenario of working from home. Fix timings, follow them diligently. At the anointed hour – be a professional – in dress, thinking, doing and being. Concentrate on your professional objectives sincerely while taking requisite breaks- preferably once in 45 minutes. Get rid of the wasteful, energy sapping social media texts and phone calls.  Phones, emails are aids to up your effectiveness, not to be energy sappers.

After the anointed hour, move to the other objectives – health, family, household, education etc. You need to be sincere, focussed on how much you want to achieve from a given time span. Desist blaming others for activities that you should have avoided itself in the first place.

Exercise: Allocate 5% of the 24 hours to any physical activity daily. It could be hitting gym, walk, skipping, sports, or run for fun. The adrenaline rush here, gives you the strength to carry on your slated activities with better concentration, focus, commitment and vigour.

Weekend gateways: Plan a virtual meet up of frolic with friends and loved ones. Experiment a new experience with those who matter. Indulge in a new hobby, create something new – engage with others and make it a team interplay. Play an indoor game – get involved constructively – thereby getting better experience and memories.

Corporate social work:  Giving back to the society is a great opportunity for us all. CSR activities should not only be carried out enterprise wise, they can also be organised  within a cluster group of  friends, acquaintances, family members-wherein food can be distributed, creating, distributing masks, medicines, sanitisers – conducting virtual classes etc, can be effected,  for groups that matter.

Reading: Catch up on updating yourself with new techniques, tactics, principles, concepts that aim to make you perform better in your said spaces.  Knowledge in books not only help you to be in tune with the latest, it makes you reflect on the gaps you have, while providing means to plug them. Above all they are deemed worthy companions for those who are steadfast in evolving themselves.


Maintain social life: Catching up, rekindling relationships with those whom you have faded with, reminiscing the past, sharing anecdotes, catching up with their achievements, chasms, challenges, create a healthy bond, such that we become better friends- a sure way to lasting relationships.

Revisit your past hobbies: Engaging in hobbies and doing what you always wanted to do, but didn’t. Pull out your old scrap books, stamps collections, records, castes, VHS etc.  Engage in photography of nature, flora, fauna, and abstracts. Bring out forth the dancer and singer in you.  Get back to your roots now.

Life is like a camera, focus on what is important
Capture the god times develop from the negatives
And if things don’t work out, take another shot.
Your call now, folks!


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