Intimacy, the language of existence

 Intimacy, the language of existence

I am not a philoshoper, not creating a system. Neither I am here to create a theory or be a theologian. Neither I am to be drowned in scriptures. My only interest is to flower – and be so.

That’s ecstasy – the language of my existence.

And what do I infer from the word existence – is it consciousness – is it relating – is it dissolving – is it intimacy. Thousand answers to one thought – each seemingly true – yet far from it.

Let’s examine:

The dignity, the beauty and the glory of man, is consciousness. Yet is a burden too.  The glory and burden come simultaneously, the minute one becomes conscious. Every step is a movement between the two.  With man, choice and conscious individuality come into existence. One can evolve, but his evolution will be an individual endeavor. One may evolve to become a being- a Buddha, or one may not. The choice is his.

Intimacy, love and playfulness are the three steps to the divine –the complete – the fulfilled- the realized and the total existing in totality. Where am I?

Let’s explore:

Intimacy for most is limited to sex – in fact there isn’t thing known as sex energy, energy is one and the same. Life energy being one: it manifests in many directions – sex is simply one of them.  When life energy becomes biological, it is sex energy – it simply is an application- thus no question of sublimation. When it flows in another direction, there is no sex – but it isnt sublimation; it’s a transformation.

Sex is natural, biological flow of life energy and is the lowest application of it. Incidentally when sex becomes the totality, the whole life is simply a waste then.  It’s like laying foundation and going on laying the foundation, without ever building the house for which the foundation is meant.

Energy is neutral – when expressed biologically, its sex, when expressed emotionally it becomes love, hate, anger. When it’s expressed intellectually, it becomes scientific, it becomes literary. When it moves through the body, it becomes physical, when through the mind, it becomes mental.

Difference is not of energy- it’s simply the applied applications.



Energy is always pure – when manifested through the divine door, it becomes spiritual.  Sex is not sublimated – it’s transcended.  If you are holding stones and suddenly diamonds come your way, you will not even notice that the stones have been dropped. They simply get dropped by themselves, as if you never had them.

Their renunciation is not even realised – not something that has been sublimated. A greater source of happiness has opened, and the lesser sources have dropped, all by themselves.

Its automatic, spontaneous, the real positive action is not even connected with sex- it simply has been absorbed by the new.

Hence need to evolve from a suppressed mind to a transcended one – thus no inner hell would get created inside – no disease, pervert-ness would be there.

Nothing wrong in sex – it’s a basic fact – yet not the only one –its energy – yet not the only one.

So why sweat?

You have all human qualities, you are all possibilities – simply be aware –move in consciously – and in this very consciousness – inward explosion would occur.

Sex isn’t a dialogue between man and woman – it’s a dialogue of man with nature through woman and of woman with nature through man. For a moment, you are in the cosmic flow; you are in the celestial harmony, you are one with the whole – its fulfillment of both through each other. The moment you participate in it totally, you become a witness to it. And once you become a witness in the act, you transcend it – because in witnessing you become free.

The witnessing force in you, has known something beyond it. And this can be known when you are deeply within. It isn’t a surface encounter. It isn’t sublimation. It s like dry leaves falling from the trees on its own. The tree never knows the leaves are falling – and in the same vein – you will never know that mechanical urge for sex, is going.

It’s like a child growing upon its own. No suppressions are required. He simply has grown up; become mature. Toys are meaningless for him. He no longer is a child.

Real love is not a preface – it’s a fragrance – it’s not a prologue – it’s an epilogue. If you have passed through sex and feel compassion for other, then only love develops. You will gratitude to him/her because you have both come to a deep awareness.

Hence, a new friendliness will arise between the two of you,  you now have come into communion with nature, through each other, consequently you will feel grateful, compassionate to each other ; compassion for the suffering; compassion for the search, compassion for a fellow being, a fellow traveler.

It’s like flower; it comes through the roots, but goes beyond.  And will not come back, there is no reversal.

Amusingly, we are some cunning that we have created a false love that does not come after sex but before it. It is cultivated, artificial thing. That’s why we feel real love is lost when sex is fulfilled. Love was just a preface, and now preface is no longer needed. But real love is always beyond sex, its hiding behind sex.

Need to pass through it by being fully alert, aware.  Not to pass through it blindly, unconsciously.

Great bliss is there, but you pass through it blindly and miss it. Need to transform this blindness – by being open eyed.



Now, the drop becomes the ocean – the longing in every drop’s heart.

These are three stages of love – physical, psychic, spiritual.  And when these three are transcended, divinity unfolds.  When Jesus said ‘God is love’ this was the closest definition possible.

Go step by step, but with a friendly attitude, with no tensions, no struggle, just go with alertness. Alertness is the only light in the dark night of life. With this light, go into it. Seek, search every corner.

Don’t remain with anything either. Go beyond because greater bliss awaits you. The journey must continue.  If you are near sex – use sex. If you are near love, use love. Don’t think in terms of suppression or sublimation; don’t think in terms of fighting. Don’t escape from anything.  In fact it’s behind everything, so where ever you are, take the closet door and you will progress.

Don’t become stagnant anywhere, and you will reach, because life is everywhere.

Anything that becomes transparent will disappear. So don’t make sex a stone, make it transparent. And the moment you do – you transform into a being.  One who is total and is in totality.

And isn’t that what intimacy – the language of exisistence, is all about.

Your call now, folks!



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