Getting back to ‘my’ life

 Getting back to ‘my’ life

As an executive coach and mentor, my past schedules had been over busy, with 20-plus days of travel, meet ups, talk shows. Life was furiously fast with no time to slow down. Acceleration, faster velocity, completing a multitude of objectives was the only order.  Relaxation, taking time out were taboos.

I ran so fast that I left life behind, was the scenario. And then something unique manifested – total lock down – no travel, no going out, no meet ups. An abrupt shock, life stood still.

And that was the time, I reflected that now is the opportunity for me to take stock – revisit my patterns, working styles, and transit from being good to great and be great by choice. Lofty idea requiring astute discipline of execution.

So I reflected – what resources that do I have and how can I use them effectively, such that I effect a quantum leap across all my domains. Three key resources were identified – time, energy and passion- and each to be used, appropriately, in time.

First was the macro picture – defining the slated output of each day – what do I want to achieve, how do I want it and what’s the time available to me. Three weeks was more than enough to redraw a new business and productivity model, by creating a value proposition design.

I divided the objectives into:

  1. Professional – wherein I need to guide and assist my clients on redefining  their strategies , getting more from less, rehashing their vision and processes, identifying the gaps and filling them, fixing new revenue and market strategies such that they engage with their employees who are sceptical, confused and in fear to start with.  120 minutes was allotted and followed in total.
  2. Personal evolution – Need to update the knowledge pool by reading journals, periodicals, books, net – giving me a better insight, foresight, to understand mechanisms on how to thrive on chaos. 120 minutes was allotted, deftly followed.
  3. Sharing – I love to share experiences; across domains and here was the opportunity to pen thoughts on various blogs – covering management, communication skills, MSME’s, individual evolution, life skills and philosophy.   In the ensuing 90 minutes daily, I discovered new facets on observing things with no glasses, understood better my blind spots, and above all learn the art of asking the right questions.  Since I contribute to a host of periodicals, on- line portals, I started creating a pool of the topics that would be shared in the forthcoming issues.
  4. Improved interpersonal equations – invested time with family and got reintroduced to them. New, expansive strengths were uncovered resulting in better sensitivity and bonding. Playing games together became a new norm. This was also the time that participative cleaning of the house was done- cupboards that were never opened, got cleaned and out came an avalanche of things that were stacked, forgotten for ages. 120 minutes was the target and progress was monitored on daily basis
  5. Unwind, be what you are – a sociable  being – shared humour, thinking stuff , poetry on social media – that helped me to rewind – invite reactions, comments that spiced up the day. Screen time allotted was 60 minutes.
  6. Get set go – am forced to indulge in a regime – both physical, eat what is healthy on time, with no diversions. Hence 45 minutes are set for walk – on terrace, pranayam and sermons of dos and don’ts by spouse. Eating habits are getting redefined – you have only one choice – take it or leave it.  Time allotted 120 minutes
  7. Just being – ending the day listening to shair-o-shayri, ghazals, which helps me to simply be me. And when fulfilled hit the bed with a blissful, child-like sleep. Time 120 minutes

Total time: 12-13 hours –  it’s a lifetime if you use it well such that one is not in the well.

Ahluwalia is Executive Coach and Mentor- Excalibre
K S Ahluwalia (@ksahluwalia). Twitter
Cell + 91 98188 12102


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