Exploring truth

 Exploring truth

Last time, we bettered our understanding of Paradoxical Thinking and the Power of Paradigms.

This time, let’s relook at what does one infer and gain from Exploring Truth. If you would be a real seeker of truth, it’s necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.

If you believe that most of your problems are out of your control, you are voluntarily giving up your personal power and choosing to lead life in a comfort zone. However, consider the possibility that much of what I think is accidental, in fact, drawn to me by how I perceive the world- my paradigms.

My thinking may be the problem – may be the only one.

My mind may not tell you the truth, but my body will always tell me the truth
Let’s do an experiment.

Recall a time when you were afraid, or think about something in the future that would be terrifying to you. You may close your eyes during the process. Concentrate now on your body’s reactions and notice where your center of tension lies. Take a deep breath and concentrate on the physical sensations in your body.

Where did you notice tension and discomfort?

In chest, shoulders, face, legs, stomach?

Now imagine another fear based situation. Where do you notice tension and discomfort now?

The location of tension will always be the same for you.

When you do something that goes against your personal integrity, it causes the same reaction as when you operate out of fear. Honesty and fearlessness breed balance and well being; fear and dishonesty create uncomfortable reactions in your body, to which the body sends warnings.

That physical sensation is a warning occurs, when I am doing something that is contrary to my belief. Truth will become and integral gyroscope that will keep me and my integrity on course. Being aware of the messages my body sending to me, will eventually be one of my most valuable tools for making empowered choices.

Caution: Resistance is natural; but don’t always believe what your mind tells you.

Get in touch and trust your body.

Challenge your paradigms
Approach each new problem not with a view of finding what you hope will be there, but to get the truth, those realities that must be grappled with. You may not like what you find. In that case you are entitled to try to change it. But do not deceive yourself as to what you do find, to be facts of the situation.

Interestingly unconsciously we accept these paradigms without any hitch.  Hence the changing them is impossible. These stubborn paradigms become the filter through which we see our reality.

It is natural that unseen possibilities create fear, but the unknown becomes a possibility for change. Conscious choice can only take place when you challenge what you believe to be true your paradigms.

Fear only holds power over you when it goes unacknowledged
As a young lad I vacationed with my family in the woods of Ranikhet, there indeed was something wonderful about the isolation. I felt like a pioneer with limitless possibilities, fished for many of our meals- ventured deep into the woods handpicked berries that we later sprinkled over homemade ice cream or that my mother magically turned into jam.

Vacations were not, however without potential hazards – I and my brother were taught to identify the poisonous plants, how to bait a hook without sticking the barn in our finger, how to shoot through an air gun and use the knife.  We were instructed how to clear an area properly to build a fire and to ensure it was out when we finished. We were shown how to use the compass, and were told, never ever, to touch the head of a snapping turtle, even if it was dead for 24 hours, unless we wanted to lose a finger.



We were taught the skills we needed to deal with the potential danger that lurked all around us,   most importantly, to be aware of the surroundings. That same awareness hold true in avoiding any type of danger.

When you have conscious awareness, you can spot that stands in the way of your paradigm shifts. After all, it’s all in your mind.

We had met the enemy, and he is us.

Pause; let’s now reflect some paradigms that have blocked our personal growth. They simply are illusions, unreal.

Never think you know it all. Through others may falter you retain the courage to say’ I am ignorant, never be proud’.

The illusion of separability
Separability is the belief that your actions do not directly impact anyone else, that your behavior in a relationship has no effect on your partner, that your performance on a team does not directly influence the performance of the team as a whole. But the belief that you are powerless, unimportant, without influence, and that you do not make a difference is a denial, of cause and effect.

As a member of a team or family, our contributions cannot be fully separated from one another; that cannot be separately measured or separately rewarded. The energy of our connectedness produces collective results.

Incidentally the ‘ Illusion of Separability’ is supported intensely, completely by the present educational system, the organizational structures and even by the family unit. Most of our rewards systems encourage the individual to focus on the merit of his/her contribution rather than how that contribution did support a successful team.

To make quantum leaps, we must respect the dignity of the individual and develop the awareness that whether in a family, organization, or society, we function as a living, breathing systems, each affecting the other and capable of self renewal.

The illusion of separability is a block to a win. Win way of thinking, it encourages the mind- set that if I win, you lose. It gives credibility to the assumption that competition is the only way to play. And once you chose to change your thinking (shift your paradigm) you start experiencing your connectedness with others. You discover that a person are your greatest resource, and with that discovery comes the motivation to treat others with respect, dignity, appreciation.

I have had the privilege to be associated with some of the most successful individuals and organizations across spectrum. Interestingly one of their common denominators was their unraveled commitment to other people.

Genuine caring for others directly contributed to their astounding success.

You may be the center of your own universe, however realizing that you aren’t the centre of the real universe, can be frightening. It’s an awesome discovery that every time you come in contact with another individual- make a phone call, smile, frown, lose your temper, discipline, blame, love, act or don’t act, you influence someone or some situation. Whether you like it or not, you directly affect those around you.

And the people you have influenced spread your influence like the ripples created after a pebble has been thrown in the pool. Influence creating influence: cause and effect. With that sudden realization of your personal power to effect change and make a difference, must come a sense of responsibility.



The awareness of our connection to each other is the key to contribution and service
Breaking through an illusion, a natural part of our thinking amusingly, isn’t easy. The awareness of personal power often causes fear as it involves responsibility and accountability. Yet quantum leaps can’t happen until one becomes aware of his effect on the people and chooses to be responsible for his own power.

For fragmentation is now widespread; not only throughout society, but also in each individual, leading to a general confusion of the mind, thereby creating an endless series  of problems while clouding our perception so seriously, thus preventing one us from  being able to solve/resolve most of them. The notion that all these fragments are separately existent is evidently an illusion, and this illusion cannot do other than lead to endless conflict and confusion.

Your call now, folks!

The author is an executive coach and mentor, Excalibre
[email protected]


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