A universal tale that resonates across cultures

 A universal tale that resonates across cultures

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An insightful exploration of interracial relationships that go beyond borders by Shivaji Das and Yolanda Yu, titled Rebel, Traitor, and Peacemakers (Penguin) will hit the stands this March. The book offers  real stories that address prejudice, cultural tensions, and the clash of traditions.

Through this book, the authors provide in-depth cultural insights, highlighting universal themes of love and resilience. They explore a range of timely topics which offers food for thought to readers such as tackling prevalent prejudices and cultural tensions faced by couples in interracial relationships, instances of discrimination, and societal challenges.

The book delves into the intricacies of cross-cultural relationships, exploring the clash of traditions, parenting styles, and societal expectations. It allows the opportunity to dissect and analyse the cultural dynamics at play, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and rewards associated with such unions. While the focus is on Indian Chinese relationships, the universal themes of love, commitment, and resilience resonate across cultures.

Commenting on the book, author Yolanda Yu says, “I would like to think of the book as a prism. Each story reflects a wide spectrum of intertwining factors at play: economics, cultural fantasies, patriarchy, nationalism, religious or secular ideas, and many more.”

Adds Shivaji Das, “Our goal in writing this book will be achieved if these stories inspire readers to challenge cultural stereotypes and biases and embrace the diversity and richness of our world while firmly endorsing the reaffirming qualities of human life.”

Stating that the book presents a universal tale that resonates across cultures, Nora Nazerene Abu Bakar, Publisher-Director, Penguin Random House SEA says, “It reaffirms our belief in the power of storytelling to bridge divides and cultivate understanding in our interconnected world.”


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