Telling stories make me happy: Arvind Parashar

 Telling stories make me happy: Arvind Parashar

Saurabh Tankha

Corporate leader-turned-author Arvind Parashar has had a creative inclination in life from his childhood days. Hailing from the hill station of Dehradun, he used to write and publish songs, poems and stories during as a kid. Not this alone, he was an avid quizzer too and represented his school at district and state levels to become a quiz champion. Parashar quit his corporate career of 16 years to pursue his passion, writing. After penning Kabira Not Until I Die, Messed Up! But All For Love and Lost In Love, the 36-year-old is now ready with his next book, the concluding part of romance thriller trilogy, All You Need Is Love, slated to be launched in November 2018.

We had a chat with Parashar…

Tell us something more about All You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Love is the concluding part of a romantic thriller trilogy. To be launched in November, it shall be available for pre-order October-end. The story has progressed and now Neil and Gauri have a daughter, Neilakshi. Due to certain circumstances, the couple gets caught up in a tough situation in Cuba. This is a complete romance and thriller experience for readers. The story is unique which readers would hopefully love. Through the trilogy, my message to all the readers is to stay positive in life and build trust and value relationships.

When did you decide to quit your corporate career to take up writing on a full-time basis?
The idea of penning the book came to me one night. I immediately jotted it down and started working on it single-mindedly. There is never a right or a wrong time to follow one’s passion. One should just go for it. I tried to pursue writing while I was working but could not give it much time. Then came a moment when I felt it was now or never. I am glad I took the plunge. Though I was earning a handsome package, I decided to quit my job of 16 years and pursue my love for writing. I felt I just had to do it. Even though I have to cut down on expenses at times, I have never been happier. I have already completed the last trilogy from the series and it should be out this November.

How did the family react when you disclosed that you were quitting the corporate sector to take up writing?
My family has always been very supporting.

Did your being in the corporate sector help bring to life some interesting anecdotes?
Yes, every writeup of mine has a personal touch from my life’s experiences, be it the corporate sector, personal life or relationships.

The first time you felt the urge to express yourself through writing…
As long as I can remember, telling stories is the only thing that made me happy.

Who has been the most inspirational person in your life and why?
I was profoundly inspired by Ruskin Bond, one of the most talented and artistically endowed writers our country has ever produced. The fact that I grew in the lush green valley at the foothills of Mussoorie also helped in enhancing my creativity. When we start enjoying our work, it becomes a delight. So in the same manner, my profession transformed into my passion.

These days the market is deluged with authors of all ages. How easy or difficult is it to achieve success amid so much competition?
It is extremely tough and nerve-wracking to get one’s work published. It might take months or years and a lot of meetings with publishing houses for that to happen. It is quite surprising to know that only 3-4% manuscripts make it to the publishing level and see the light of the day. Like any budding author, I too had to face the same hardships. I worked hard initially to create an identity and value of my own in the field. I started using social media to connect with people digitally even before my books were published. Whatever it is, being an aspiring writer making a place in the literary circle, you need not lose hope.

Ever struggled with a writer’s block?
Every writer goes through a writer’s block. And they overcome it too. All they need is patience and efforts.

What is Arvind Parashar doing when he is not writing?
Arvind Parashar loves to paint when he is not writing.

Please take us through your life…
I was born in the quaint and picturesque town of Dehradun and completed my education in the valley. As a child, I had a knack for writing songs, poems, stories, sketching cartoons, and participating and winning quiz competitions. I did get to see some success early on in my life as my poems and cartoons were published in local newspapers and children’s magazines and were well-received. My preferred genre now is thriller around which I love experimenting with.

Favourite author(s)
Ruskin Bond, John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks, Ashwin Sanghi and Frederick Forsyth

Plans for future…
In the near future, I wish to write an international thriller with a shade of dark romance.


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